18/05/2017 – The Day My World Turned Upside Down

Quite a serious post guys, I didn’t think I’d have to write anything like it…

Hey everyone, welcome back 🙂

I had an experience recently, a horrible, scary experience that I wasn’t in a million years expecting. I wanted to share that with you, and share what I’ve learnt from it. This isn’t going to be the happiest post in the world, but then again this wasn’t a very happy event. 

So, let’s go from the beginning. 

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It was Thursday 18th. I didn’t go to school that day, my brother had gotten back from school half an hour ago. We were waiting for my mum to get home, she’d called me a while ago telling me that she was on her way. She gossiped about work, we had a nice chat. 

Then, at around 4:20 pm – 4:30 pm, I got a call from my mum again. So I picked up, answered ‘hey mum’, expecting to hear her respond. 

But it wasn’t her. 

I don’t accurately remember this conversation, but it went pretty similar to this:

‘Hello, is this Jazz?’ A woman says, not my mum’s voice, yet she’s calling from my mum’s phone. And she did say my real name, obviously. 

‘Yes.’ I say simply, confused. 

‘Hi, Jazz. My name is Laura I’m a nurse, my mum asked me to call you. She’s been in an accident, she’s fine she’s just hurt her back badly. I’m looking after her, the ambulance is on its way to take her to hospital.’

I froze, my heart sunk. Instantly all I felt was fear and shock. As for what I said next and what Laura said next, I can’t really remember. She reassured me, as I heard my mum screaming out in pain in the background, and eventually hung up. Then I told my brother. 

We were both in shock, we were both so scared. What do you think when you hear back injury? Especially after you hear your mother crying out in pain, and that she can’t move. 

I broke down then. My brother calmed me down. Then I wiped my tears and jumped into action. Pulled socks on, grabbed my coat, money, put trainers on. Told my brother to do the same. My plan was to go to the hospital. I called a trusted friend, asked if he was with her dad and if she could pick my brother and I up. She couldn’t but she’d prove to be very supportive as you’ll find out later. 

After we’d hung up, I got a call from mum, well Laura. I gave the phone to my brother this time, and he found out her the accident took place. It was actually really close to my house. And we found out that they were still waiting for an ambulance. The phone was on speaker now since Laura told us that mum wanted to speak to us. You could hear the pain in her voice, she was crying…it was awful. That set me off again, and my brother started crying as well. Mum told my brother to go to her and told me to stay away. Which didn’t make sense to me, I was the older one. So that scared me even more – why didn’t she want me to see her?

My brother went, and I sat down on the steps and cried. All I kept thinking about what was ‘what if this…’ ‘what if that…’ I was SO scared. 

Time passed, I decided to call mum’s phone again. My brother was the one who answered. He told me it was ok, that mum was fine it was all ok. So I wanted to go and see her, but he was against that as well. So I sat at home, feeling useless. But I had more hope, my brother said she was ok, his voice sounded believable. 

Time passed again. Mum was calling me. But then again I didn’t think it was going to be her when I picked up. But it was! 

She sounded ok, and that was enough to bring me to tears. Happy tears! Finally, shed some happy tears in my life! I told her how much she scared me, how scared we both were. She made a few jokes, you could still slightly hear the pain in her voice but it was better than before, but I laughed like a mad child at the jokes because I was so full of relief. 

After that phone call, I allowed myself to get out of action mode. I took off my shoes, coat and put the money away. Then that friend I mentioned before called back. She was so concerned, really concerned. And it made me feel so lucky to have her as a friend. All my friends (apart from one butttt we won’t mention her) were amazing when I told them. The friend that called and I couldn’t talk much because my brother came back, and I had lots of questions for him. 

The good news was that the ambulance finally came, the police were at the scene, and he was positive that mum wasn’t injured fatally. 

Those crazy hours came to a slow end. I made dinner because mum would have wanted us to eat, I caught up on my Australian dramas I love, but with everything I did, I kept my phone close by. My brother told me that Laura was a nurse, but she wasn’t working at the time! She just happened to be on the same bus but didn’t get hurt, so she threw on her cape and started to save the day. So Laura’s awesome, I need to thank her somehow. 

I called my mum at around 6:30 pm. She was in so much pain, crying again. She told me that she’ll call me back because she can’t really talk now. That freaked me out again, I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen to distract myself. 

I tried again at 7:00 pm. It kept going to voicemail until 7:40 pm when she finally picked up! 

It was such a relief, such a relief. She told us she’s waiting for results from an x-ray, and she’s most certainly coming home today. The joy I felt was immense. 

She came home at around 8:30 pm. She’s really hurt her lower back, but she’s on hardcore painkillers AND she has the determination of fricking Martin Luther King Jr, so she’s gonna make it through! It’s gonna take time, but she’ll be fine. 

She wants to sue. Like really badly. And I don’t blame her! One of the first things she said when she got home was: ‘I’m gonna sue!’ which says it all! 

I know you’re all wondering, what was the accident anyway? Well, my mum and several others were on a bus, a single decker. The bus wasn’t packed because it was at the point of its journey that everyone had reached their destination. The driver was shit all the way through the journey, speeding like crazy. A guy was pulling out and he didn’t see, and he broke really hard. It scared passengers, my mum said people were yelling in outrage. But that wasn’t the one that caused the accident. 

My mum had just pressed the bell, she and a few others were standing up, holding onto the rails, ready to get off. This driver was speeding like a madman down a HILL, obviously losing control. A woman and her child were crossing the road and he didn’t notice in time, causing him to SLAM down on the brakes hard. Like really hard. Passengers went flying, my mum flew into the side hard and fell, an old man fell to the ground hard and a lady hit her head on the bars. 

So that’s how it happened. I’m pretty positive that the driver is gonna lose his job, and I’m sure Mum will get some compensation for sure. 

Now. What happened on Thursday was an eye opener for me. A real eye opener. I know I didn’t convey the fear, the chaos of that day well in that post, but can you really? You have no idea how that situation feels until you’re IN that situation. One phone call can change everything. What happened could have had such a different outcome, an outcome I don’t even want to think about. It made me think of this, a typical response, but life truly is precious. You have NO IDEA what’s gonna happen next. So don’t waste time hating others close to you, don’t waste time holding a grudge. Because in that week I was so mad at my Mum throughout, and it could have been my last week with her in my life. But I’m SO THANKFUL it wasn’t. We had a close call as a family, and it’s affected me more than I’d let on. But that’s all it was thankfully, a close call. 

That experience also made me notice how….disconnected I am from my family. I don’t know 99% of them, the 1% I do know I barely talk to, I don’t have many numbers of people I trust and my Mum trusts to call in situations like that…my brother and I were flying solo in such a scary situation. And that was one of the really terrifying parts of it all. 

Everyday before she leaves the house, I’m going to not be a lazy idiot and I’ll get up and say bye. I’ll give her a hug everytime and tell her to have a good day. I won’t end a conversation on a bad note, I’ll appreciate the little things she does. I’ll welcome her when she gets back from work, ask her how her day has been. I’ll say goodnight to her before bed instead of just going to bed, I’ll tell her I love her more often. 

And I encourage you all to do the same. To anyone in your family, not just your mum. Not even just your family….friends too! Because you never know what could happen next. You never know when that time is the last time. 

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Well, that’s the end of today’s post. It’s Sunday as I’m writing this, my Mum recovering. She’s in the ‘it’s worse before it’s better stage’, yesterday I had to help her stand up. But she’s getting there. And LOVING the attention! It’s good though. I got my baking skills out after years in hiding and made her a banana cake because she prefers the one I make than ones in stores. And I’ve been cooking, cleaning all weekend! And the best daughter award goes to…. Thank you for reading, and I apologise because this post probably wasn’t well written. 

And the best daughter award goes to…. 

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I apologise because this post probably wasn’t well written. My writing skills go out the window when I’m talking about something sad and/or meaningful. 

(PS: she’s doing what she soooo shouldn’t be and mopping the bathroom floor. She stops for NO ONE! I aspire to be that head-strong and stubborn in life….but that’ll never happen lol)

I’ll see you guys next time, with a post about another experience, but a much happier one. 

  –   All The Jazz 



US Schools VS UK Schools? | Collab With Madrigals and Sound!!

My first collab as All The Jazz….AHHHH!

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re excited (I certainly am) because today is the day I finally followed through and took part in a collab with another blogger! I’ve had this goal since January I think…I finally pulled through. 

So I teamed up with Caitie from Madrigals and Sound, and she’s from the US! An UK blogger + a US blogger + exam season = a collab about school…so here we are, explaining how US school life is (from Caitie) and how UK school life is (from meee). 

So let’s get into the collab, if you want to know more about US and UK schools…this is the best post for you!! 

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How The School Works:

US Schools: Caitie! 

My school is on trimesters. Trimesters are when there are 3 parts of the school year. Semesters (2 parts) are more common in American schools, but it only gives me 5 periods/hours and way more time to do homework in class. Each Trimester is about 12 weeks long, with 3 big breaks in between (Thanksgiving, Winter break, and Spring break). At the end of each term, we have Finals. They’re pretty much end of term exams that can really be anything depending on the teacher. The first two trimesters we have two days of finals. 2nd and 4th period on the first day and 1st, 3rd, and 5th period on the second day. During the last trimester, the second and the first-day switch, so we only have a half day for the last day before summer break. 

UK Schools: Me!

My school (well UK schools) are separated into terms. Like Autumn term 1, Autumn term 2, Spring term 1, Spring term 2, etc. Each term is 6-7 weeks long, with breaks in between (Christmas, Easter break… ). We sometimes have exams at the end of terms, but only the important bigger ones like before Christmas break and before Summer break.

In school, we have 5 periods/lessons each day. Two periods, break, two periods, lunch, one period, home. Nothing much to it! But my school does something I think only my school does…? Every Friday, we go in later. So instead of having to be in by 8:30 am, we have to be in by 9:30 am. So we miss period one every Friday. Hurray for lie-in’s every Friday!! This was all about Secondary School by the way (12-16-year-olds), I almost forgot to mention primary school! Nothing much to report there, the terms are the same, but minus the exams. However in year 6 (the year before going into secondary school) you do exams called SAT’s, they basically tell the secondary school you’re going to your abilities, and what sets you should be put in. It also determines how well primary teachers teach, if the majority did well, those teachers are doing well.  

What The School Is Like:

US Schools: Caitie!

There are good and bad things about my school. 1. We’re poor as heck! 2. We have a crappy American football team, but everyone still goes to it. Girls Soccer(football for the rest of the world) is pretty good, I have no clue about our Softball team. We have a great Girls Rugby team. They got 3rd in our state last year. 3RD! The choir is pretty popular, too. The last term I quit Choir because I was going through a life-changing time for school. I didn’t want to bog down the whole Choir because I was feeling sad. The Arts is a good subject here. Our art teachers are very good at what they do. I live in a city where the LGBTQ+ society runs rampant. Most of my friends are either gay, non-binary, or transgender. I also live in a town full of rich people, pot heads, or wannabe hippies. 

UK Schools: Me!

Well, my secondary school isn’t the richest in the world. It became an Academy quite a couple of years ago, so they no longer get money from the Government, and perhaps they’re not great with money management…? :/

My school is known for being quite a sporty school, they do a lot of exercise promotion and sports promotion, and take part in competitions. You also have a great mix of teachers who care, but it’s more like ‘we’ll only start caring about you when you start GCSE’s’ for some teachers. Before we go on a big holiday off school (longer than a week) we have an Awards Assembly where you get Attainments or Endeavours on a subject, depending if your teacher picked you to have one. You also get awards for attendance and punctuality.


US Schools: Caitie!

Getting into colleges is somewhat tough over here. For tests for the state, we have pretty easy state testing that you have to do throughout Elementary school (Grades 1-6) and 11th grade. The Smarter Balance (SBAC) tests were pretty easy for my except for the math because GEOMETRY IS DUMB AND NO ONE NEEDS IT. Other than those tests, we have the SAT/ACT. They’re tests that you have to study for to get the score you hope for to go to that University/college you want to go to. Since I’m graduating from High School NEXT MONTH (i want to die), I have to make these decisions soon. I do not know what I want to do, yet. It’s okay though. Plans don’t always work out. In each County that we live in, there are a couple local community colleges that you can attend to get a two-year degree or start a transfer degree. 

You don’t always have to start going to college immediately. You could have a gap year, just to work and save up money.

UK Schools: Me!

Getting into uni over here is pretty tough. It starts from the roots…your GCSE results. I guess what teachers drilled into our heads is right, they are the most important exams we have to take because they’re the foundation of the rest of our lives really. Once you get good GCSE results (and use them to get into a good sixth form/college) you have to do well in sixth form (16-18-year-olds) and get amazing A-level and AS-level results. Universities look at ALL of that, and you can do stuff on the side like The Duke of Edinburgh awards (google them if you’re confused) to get more of a chance. It’s really stupid, to be honest, it’s like as soon as you reach the last two years of secondary school, you’re thrown into a sudden whirlwind of responsibility. After sixth form, you can have a gap year to chill and do everything you want to do before you have to go back into education. Obviously getting into university is MUCH harder if you’re interested in unis like Oxford and Cambridge. But that’s another story, I’m not gonna go into all that!

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Anddd that’s the end of this collab! A huggeee thank you to Caitie from Madrigals and Sound for doing this collab with me, and I hope you all enjoyed! I’d love to do another collab in two weeks (I have a half term coming up) so if anyone’s interested please let me know! Working with Caitie has reminded me how much I enjoy doing collabs…I needed to do more! 

See you guys in the next post! Which hopefully is a post about my favourite bloggers, I started it a few weeks back, and I still haven’t finished and posted it :/ 

  –   All The Jazz 


Let’s Catch Up: Friends, Breakdowns, Illness, 500 Followers??…A CRAZY Week.

I have A LOT to go over…strap in readers!

Hi everyone, welcome to another post written by the one and only me. This is a weekly sum-up post of some sorts because I feel as if a lot has gone on this week, and I wanted to blog it because…well, that’s what this blog is for. Plus I miss doing posts like these, it hasn’t been that long but in posts like these I can really show off my rambling talents.

Get ready to delve into my life (well just a week of it) and read to the end to see me talking about Mental Health Awareness Week….

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Monday (the day where everything sucks 100x harder) 

My day started with a mini coughing fit. Yep. I actually went to A&E the day before because I’ve had such a horrible cough for weeks, and I was starting to get bad chest pains. But in true A&E fashion, they were no help. So here I was on Monday, heading into school dying. Exaggerating obviously. I wanted to head home during the day, but I wasn’t allowed because my mum couldn’t come and collect me. Usually, when I need to go home, I’m allowed to leave on my own since I always carry money with me to catch the bus just in case of anything. But our temporary head of year (my old head of year, the good on, left before Easter. Here’s my post about it if you’re curious like me) said I wasn’t allowed to leave AT ALL unless my mum picked me up. But my Mum was at work, she couldn’t leave, and there’s nobody else to pick me up. So I had no choice but to stay in. So that sucked. I got a GP appointment, got antibiotics and I was hoping I’d be better soon….stay tuned to find out I was SOOOO wrong.

Tuesday (the day that’s just always…there)

Now here’s when my first topic comes in. Friendship. And how I got hurt by one of my friends after school. My friends know I have a blog, (I regret telling all of them as soon as I made a blog, so wish I only told some of them) so the day after I hit 500 FOLLOWERS (I’ll talk about this crazy achievement towards the end of the post) I told them about it and they were all excited and happy for me. It was all going well. Then I asked a friend (who also has a blog on WordPress) a question, asking if she’s done something for a certain reason. I wasn’t mad – I was literally asking a question! Then she went all ‘beast mode’ on me, and all of a sudden I was pretty much under attack! And then she pulled a REAL petty move….I couldn’t believe it. Eventually, she apologised, but I’d had enough. To prevent all these arguments involving my blog and her blog….I told her to unfollow my blog and I’d unfollow hers. I’ll no longer talk about my blog around her and she’ll do the same. She tried to stop me from making this decision but like I told her, it’s for the best. So we followed through, a few hours later I double checked she’d unfollowed and she had. 

So, hopefully, that chapter with that friend in question is over. Fingers crossed. 

Anyway, on Tuesday I also started writing a song! It was lovely to be in that mindset again, I didn’t realise I missed it so much until I did it again. The song is a bit meh so far, but I’ve got a general idea I want to follow, so that’s good. 

Wednesday (the day that equals my most hated school day)

Wednesday. I have a selection of boring and hated lessons on a Wednesday. Plus an event happened at school last week Wednesday that has increased my hatred for my school by a great amount. I was thinking about writing about that…but I decided against it. 

My cough was worse that day, it was so frustrating to deal with. But apart from that, all students taking part in Round Two of my school’s University Challenge were called to a meeting. (Here’s the post where I talked about Round one…)

At this point, my group hadn’t started preparing for Round Two, and it’s next week Wednesday. So yeah. 

Here’s how Round Two’s gonna go! You get two boards to create posters relating to your topic. You make improvements and stuff. Then after school at 6 pm teachers and parents will be free to look at your display and you have to greet them, present to them, explain your topic, etc. After that the judges decide who did the best, they’ll pick the top three and then you have to present in a hall to all parents and teachers! Shy awkward me is really scared for round two, but I did round one I can do round two! Hopefully. 

Thursday (the day where I was dying from a killer cough)

Oh my gosh…Thursday was dreadful.

It started off pretty well actually, I had Music first and our compositions we’ve been working on for weeks now were being played to the whole class. I was so, so scared. As I always am, but when mine was played the response was great! Other students in my class loved it, my music teacher loved it, and someone (I forgot if it was a student or my teacher) said it was one of the best ones yet!

My confidence shot up, and I felt pretty darn good. Then I got to my next lesson, English, and all of a sudden I kept coughing and coughing. It’s like my joy annoyed the universe or something, so it triggered a cough attack that pretty much continued for the whole day. By the time I got to my last lesson, I was barely coping. My throat was so sore from all that coughing every time I did cough it was unbelievably painful…I gave up on doing work half way through. And that’s when a kid that sits next to me turned to me and went:

‘How come you’ve stopped?’

And I was like:

‘Because I’m slowly dying, I don’t want geography work to be the last *mini coughing fit* thing I do.’ 

‘Should I do it for you? I’ll just finish it off.’

And that’s when my brain was like: ‘WTF???’ A good WTF, by the way, people rarely do nice things for me like that at school. 

‘That would be nice, only if you want though’.

Then he proceeded to take my book, open it up and do my work. And my brain was still yelling ‘WTF??’ at me. He finished a few minutes later and handed my book back. 

‘Thank you’ – And I would have said more, but it killed whenever I talked as well.

‘No problem’ he said, and that was that. 5 minutes later, it was the end of the lesson and I was free to leave. I called my mum as soon as I got out, and I was on the verge of tears, telling her how ill I was. 

Just to add, I feel so sorry for all the people who sat next to me at school on Thursday, you have earned my respect and I apologise for sounding and looking like a dying mess!

I managed to convince my mum to let me stay home the next day so that was good. But overall this day was a mess, I hated it. I ended up breaking down, I felt trapped, everyone was against me and I was just fighting a losing battle. So I ran upstairs, locked myself into my room, and cried. Cried and cried. It killed my throat but I did it anyway. I decided to talk to someone, a fellow blogger that I look up to. I just needed to not feel alone…and she was there for me. She was amazing honestly. After talking to her, I began to heal. Patched up my wounds I’d gained over the week, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person in that time of need. 

Friday (the day I healed)

Friday was a day of resting and healing for me, because of my cough, and because my mood and mental health has been, well, bad. I’ve been stuck in a rut and I needed and wanted to get out of it. I’ve never broken down so much in a week, I needed to sort myself out. I’m glad to say I did, I took care of my aching throat and my mind, I pretty much binge watched Riverdale for the whole day. Talking about Riverdale….OH MY GOSH I THINK I LOVE THAT SHOW WAY MORE THAN I NORMALLY SHOULD, JUGHEAD IS LIFE, THE SEASON FINALE WAS LIFE, THAT SHOW IS LIFE. SEASON TWO CAN’T COME FASTER!!!

Ok, I’m done. Just needed to get that out there. Because man that show is life. Plus we just need to take a moment to appreciate the one and only Jughead Jones. *cue stereotypical fangirl screaming* I was such a fangirl yesterday I swear, I’m not used to it that’s for sure! But I’m gonna embrace it. If you haven’t watched Riverdale yet, first of all…where have you been?? Go watch it!! You won’t regret it.

*EDIT: Anddd I was going to provide a lovelyyy picture of Jughead so you guys can fangirl with me, but I got distracted by season two info. (It sounds SO GOOD by the way!!) Google Jughead yourselves and…enjoy? I’m such a weirdo. 

Anyway, that’s all I did on Friday. I also planned with my friends I’m doing the university challenge with to meet up on Saturday at one of their houses to start getting the ball rolling. 

Saturday (the day where we went on a hunt for paper)

Today was the day I watched episode 11-13 of Riverdale. I’d reached the end!!! And the ending though…I was sat there in shock 5 minutes after it ended. I’m not gonna say much, I don’t want to accidentally spoil you guys, but AHHHH IT WAS JUST AMAZING.

Today was also the day I’d headed to my friend’s house to start working on round two of the University Challenge. We all got there and then realised we don’t have big enough paper. Yep. So we went on a hunt looking for some and eventually we went to The Range and got huge colourful pieces of paper and some other stuff to decorate. But by the time we got back, it was half past two and I had to leave at 3 pm. We got some stuff done, then I had to leave. But they did some more without me, so that’s good. I have a good feeling about round two, we’re gonna ace it!

I walked home instead of catching the bus because it was a nice day, and you gotta get those steps in you know? When I got home I was then notified that my mum bought her rabbit John a baby bunny friend and he’s coming at 5:30 pm. I was told the same day it was happening?? The bunny is my brother’s since I’m getting a kitten in the summer, it was only fair. He named him Grey, after someone in an anime he likes. And the bunny’s actually grey, so it works.

When Grey came it was nice, I didn’t actually see him because he was hiding because he was scared. My mum and brother took him in his cage outside and introduced him to John. Apparently, they got on, so that’s good.

Later on, I watched Eurovision as my mum was cleaning the cage Grey arrived in. Once my mum starts a task, she can’t leave it unless it’s done well, so she got a bit carried away.

That’s pretty much how my Saturday ended, I was exhausted and didn’t watch the rest of Eurovision, but I heard there was a stage invader who decided to share…things…with the world. And I SO wish I was watching! That would have been hilarious to see!


On Monday 8th May I reached 500 FOLLOWERS ON MY BLOG!! What?? I was so shocked when it happened, obviously, I saw it coming as I watched my follower count slowly go up, but when it happened it was still amazing. Honestly, I can’t thank you all enough. Blogging has changed my life, and the fact so many of you enjoy what I write has instilled so much confidence in myself. Thank you…you are ALL wonderful humans!! 

Mental Health Awareness Week

As you all know, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and several bloggers have been writing about it and asking others to do the same. I think two bloggers asked me to address this and I was planning to do it on Thursday but, as you’ve already read, that day wasn’t my day. So I’m doing it now! 

Mental health is important, so, so important. It’s as important as physical health. Despite all the work of all the amazing people out there who continue to campaign and raise awareness, it STILL isn’t addressed or treated as seriously as it should. People think of it as ‘just being sad’ or ‘you’re just being dramatic’, and it’s so bad that that’s still happening. Not only that, but the seriousness of it isn’t taken seriously. You’ll hear people in school going ‘oh I’m so depressed’ because they can’t find their chapstick. You’ll hear people saying they’ve got anxiety because they’re a bit nervous to do a small presentation. It’s like saying you have a serious illness when you sneeze or saying you’ve broken your ankle when you’ve just slightly sprained it. Situations like these make me so angry because they THINK it’s ok to strip mental health of its importance. But it’s not all their fault. It’s because they weren’t educated on it, schools don’t think of mental health as something that should be learnt, they all don’t spread awareness, and most offer the help to students who need help.  

In my personal experience, if you have a mental health condition or you think you do, you get pushed away. Others don’t want to deal with it because it’s too much for THEM. They can’t handle you. And I can’t stand that, I can’t. All it does is make the person feel even worse, they fall further and further into the darkness they’re already in…that one rejection to their cry to help could be the one to push them over, and I can confirm that. But I was lucky I managed to pull myself back up. Not everyone is going to be the same. Not everyone can do that all the time when it gets too much. 

I’ve just went over everything I wrote and it’s just a collection of rambling. I’m sorry, I hope you understand what I meant with everything though. 

Just please, please, help someone in need. If they come to you, reach out to you, it’s because they trust you enough to do so. Don’t reject them. Don’t send them away. Help. Spread awareness, let anyone and everyone know that mental health ISN’T A JOKE. It’s something that affects millions, start treating it how it should be treated. 

Blog Divider

Thank you for reading this post that was basically a collection of everything. Last week I kinda neglected blogging and because of that my flow died a horrible death. I’ll get back into the swing of things next weekend, fingers crossed. 

I’ve been brainstorming ideas to do with my blogs, a monthly feature to honour all the bloggers who tagged me to do a tag or award combined with posts by other bloggers I liked over the month, and posts I posted throughout the month. Now all I need to do is think of a name for it…? 

I apologise for this post being SO LONG, 2678 words?? It keeps on going up with every post! I’ll try and control myself! 

Wish me luck for Round Two of the University Challenge on Wednesday, and I’ll see you all on my next post. 

  –   All The Jazz 


Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately #2

That moment when your realise there’s a cut in your earphones’ wire, and it could snap at any moment…*cries*.

Hi everyone! Welcome to another post written by yours truly. 

I’d noticed you all seemed to really like when I wrote a post like this a few months back, so I decided to bring it back! Perhaps I should do this every three months, or whenever I’ve got some music faves I’d like to share with you all. 

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the contents of my Deezer playlist!

1000 Forms Of Fear Album – Sia

Oh gosh these songssss. Words can’t describe. I used to listen to this album religiously a few years ago, around the time my medical issue started surfacing, and I was in the horrible ‘I have no idea what’s going on but it really, really hurts’ stage where everything was crazy. This album helped me get though, kept me grounded. I related (and trust me I still do) to all these songs, sometimes I’d cry while listening because she was singing the truth, she was singing about me. I stopped listening one day, I have no clue why. And then I rediscovered Sia and this album. I spent a good hour and a half listening, enjoying the music.

Ok, story time over! I LOVE these songs, every single song from the album. Apart from Hostage. I don’t know why, it just annoys me. But seriously check out that album, especially when you’re feeling so down and you need something to relate to.  

Symphony – Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson

This song makes me SO HAPPY! Clean Bandit songs are all just feel good tunes, what’s not to love? And what I love so much about their songs is that they always include violins and all these lovely string instruments, I love songs that include classical instruments if that makes sense! It just adds something I really enjoy listening to, it makes my ears happy 🙂

Oh, and funny story with this song. I started listening to it often while I was watching 13 Reasons Why (Oh and guess what, made a post about 13RW. It would be awesome if you can read it, it’ll make my little heart happy. And…what no! I’m not giving my post a little self-promo…who do you think I am…??)

Ok, where was I? The show was on my mind quite a lot. I was thinking in-depth about the show, thinking about possible theories, etc, I was listening to this song. So literally everytime I listen to this song I think of 13 Reasons Why. EVERYTIME! I wonder if there’s an explanation for this, like so deep, intense, scientific explanation. Or if it’s just explained in a simple paragraph. Hmm…

On What You’re On – Busted

Another happy tune! Ahhh this song just makes me wanna dance, but I never do because I’m an awkward little human. I really like this song, and I’ve been really liking songs from bands lately. Or just songs with lots of cool instruments that you can actually hear and appreciate! OHHH and the little instrumental in this song though! Every time I hear it I get this urge to let loose and rock out, I only dare it when I’m home alone though. Awkward and shy little human alert. 

All Time Low – Jon Bellion

What’s with all the happy songs? The last time I did this post it was full of sad songs, and now I have all these happy songs? Perhaps it’s because the last time I did this post it was in cold February, and now we’re in May! Weather/season affects music taste??

Anyway, this songs depends on, well I wouldn’t say mood, but…time? I dunno, but whenever I listen to this song I’m transported to a nice beach in summer time chilling with friends. Most of these songs put me in that scenario really! This song is awesome, another song that make my ears happy. 

That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

This song is a cheeky little guilty pleasure for me. I can’t help but love this song, even though nobody would think it. But it makes me happy and pumps me up, what can I say?


We can now step out of my Deezer playlist. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed having a little peek into my music interests! Feel free to check out all these songs, or the ones you haven’t heard already, and let me know what you think!

And I’d appreciate it if you could let me know, if you do make blog graphics for your posts, what do you use? I’d love to know what you guys use so I could check them out and find the right website or app for me! If not, I think I’ll continue making graphics on Canva, that could work right? Advice would be awesome too! I have no idea what I’m doing :/


Sending hugs and cake 🙂

  –   All The Jazz



Q&A!! | Part Two! | Best and WORST Decision Of My Life??

Two is always better than one…

Hey readers! I’m back with part two of my Q&A! You guys went crazy with the questions, so I had enough to make two posts out of it! Just as a reminder, if there’s a repeated question I’ll only answer it once. If you didn’t see your question answered in this one, it’s probably been answered in part one of this Q&A!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the second and last post of my Q&A! 

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1.  Love, Soph asks: What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Vanilla! Simple and delicious.

Sweet or savoury foods?

Savoury. I love my sweet stuff more than the next person, but savoury foods is just better? I dunno :/

Favourite restaurant?

I don’t really have one! I really like Chinese restaurants though, but I don’t have a particular favourite.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on? 

I went to Hastings a couple of years ago, and that was amazing! I don’t go on many holidays, so I don’t have much to pick from!

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do, who with, and why?

I’d travel to all the places I want to travel to with my family, and give my mum the money she wants to buy us all the family home she’s always wanted. I’d obviously buy some stuff for myself, clothes, tech I’ve dreamed of, and I’ll give some to my brother to do the same. I’d also give my mum the money she needs to open that hair salon she’s always wanted to do. And as for the rest (if there is any left!!) I’d save.

Your favourite part about blogging?

One of my favourite parts about blogging is the fact that I can interact with so many amazing and kind people that the blogosphere is filled with.

Favourite animal?

Can I say cats? They’re animals as well as pets! Cats are my favourite animal of ALL TIME. I love them so much!!

Your best ever memory?

Is this sad that I found this hard? Most of my favourite memories take place in the time period I attended primary school (5-12 year olds) so I guess that’s my answer….?

Funniest thing that has happened to you this month?

Well, the month has just started, so not much! But I found myself laughing my head off at a stupid advert I saw on TV, I don’t even remember what it was for but it was horribly cheesy, I just had to laugh!

2.  Caitie asks: What’s your favourite candy/treat?

I‘m horrible with ‘favourite’ questions, I just never know what my favourite of things are, ugh I’m weird. But I really like KitKats and M&M’s, but the ones without the nuts. 

3.  wonderousnightrambler asks: Would you rather win a million dollars or have just the right amount of money appear in your pocket whenever you bought something?

I’d rather have the right amount of money appear whenever I bought something! It would just be awesome, plus the money would be endlessssss! A million would eventually run out!

If you could have any animal (fictional ones too!) as a pet, what would you choose?

BABY GROOT!!! It would be AMAZING to have Baby Groot as a pet, as long as he never grows up!

4.  girly blogger asks: What is the best and worst decision of your life?

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life was making a blog. The worse decision of my life…letting people control me and get to me so much. But I still do that anyway….*sigh*.

If you could go anywhere right now with anyone, where and who would it be?

I’d love to go to Australia! And I’d take my family 🙂

What is your biggest dream?

To be fixed of this frustrating thing I’ve had for years, and for my shyness and insecurities to disappear. 

Are you planning on quitting blogging anytime in the future?

NO WAY! I want to continue blogging for as long as possible, I’m gonna be sticking around for a long time friends.

5.  Andy asks: Who’s your favourite artist as of the moment?

Artist as in music artist or artist artist? I’m really liking Sia at the moment, but I don’t have (or know) many artists!

Any movie or series to recommend?

You know what I’m gonna say…I strongly recommend 13 Reasons Why to you all!! As for movies, I’ve recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Fast and Furious 8 and they were both amazing. 

What’s the most embarrassing moment that happened to you?

Where do I begin? Being shy + socially awkward brings so many awkward moments. But I remember one time, I don’t remember the details exactly, but someone was talking to me, and I just couldn’t understand what he was saying. So I kept saying ‘pardon’, ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry I didn’t catch what you said’ and the guy was getting SO agitated. So I started to panic and my heart started beating faster. I can’t remember how it all ended, but it was such an awkward situation!

6.  theiridescentworldofindy asks: What are your hobbies?

Blogging, reading, piano…I think that’s it?

What’s your favourite book?

I have many favourite books, but I’m only gonna mention the two that really shaped me into the bookworm I am today! The GONE Series by Michael Grant…those books are AMAZING. I think I finished them all in about a month, and there’s like 7 really chunky books in that series. 

The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, those books literlly entered me into the world of YA when I read them aged 12. It’s been agesss since I’ve read those books again, I need to that asap, they’re all sitting on my shelf waiting for me anyway!

Have you read any classics?

Yes! I read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, it was for school but I read it in my own time because I loved the story. It’s an amazing read, a classic for a reason! And when I get a kitten, I’m seriously concidering naming her Scout, after Scout Finch in the book.

Do you have any siblings?

Yep, one 13 year old brother. We look too alike, it probably would have been easier if we were twins!

Would you ever travel to Australia?

Yes I definatly would! I love Australia, plus I’ve watched Neighbours and Home and Away for pretty much all of my existance!

7.  Lee asks: What is the first word that comes to mind that starts with the litter V?

Village! I have no clue why…

If you just got a new puppy, what would you name him/her?

April! It’s one of my names on the list of possible kitten names lol!

8.  lonelymeme asks: What is your go to food?


What country would you like to live in?

Once upon a time I would have said America, but I’m not too comfortable with that now, because of that orange dude in power over there. If he’s voted out after his four years, America here I come!

9.  Ivy asks: How’d you come up with your blog name?

It wasn’t hard at all coming up with my first blog name, Jazzy Blogs, but the one I have now, All The Jazz, was a different story. I wanted something similar yet the same, and…to be honest I don’t really know how I came up with it! I was just brainstorming a bunch, and thought of All The Jazz, kinda meaning that it’s gonna be all of me…in a blog!

What are the three qualities you want in the person you marry?

Funny, understanding, caring.

Have you ever been kissed?

NOPE AND PROBABLY NEVER. It would take a miracle for that to ever happen, I’m awkward, insecure af and I never go out enough or do things to make myself noticed and attractive…I’m a lost cause!

If you could choose a book or series to live in, what would it be?

Ooooo, Ready Player One! That would be SO AWESOME.

10.  ktwritings asks: If you had to describe your life in any movie or cartoon, which one would it be?

Literally have no clue! I don’t think there’s a movie or cartoon that will ever live up to the trainwreck that is my life! The only movie I could think of is The Titanic really!

11.  justanormalteen123 asks: How did you get followers when you first started blogging?

Well…I guess it just happened as I continued writing posts! Finding other blogs I loved and being an active follower helped, I think you just gotta be friendly! Think of it as making friends at a new school, the best way you can fit in is to be kind to everyone, be sociable, actually make an effort and be yourself! But don’t give up if you’re finding it hard to make friends, to gain followers. It will happen with time. And remember, having tonnes and tonnes of followers isn’t important, don’t let a number dictate your blogging experience. 

12.  Ann asks: What’s your favourite school subject?


How did you feel when you went to school for the first time in your life?

Excited, my mum filmed me on my way to school for the first time in London, I was a ball of cuteness and excitement. 

Do you do any sports?

I used to run and I was pretty good at it. But now I can’t do any sports I’m afraid.

If you saw a wet puppy in a big carton in a forest what would you do?

Well first I’d squeal because of how high the cuteness levels would be! Then I’d get the poor little guy and wrap him in my coat, then I’d take him home to dry him off and keep him nice and toasty. Then I guess I’d have to call the RSPCA…I’ll have an emotional send off with the little guy. (I thought this out wayyy to much!)

What time do you go to sleep and what time do you get up?

School nights I go to sleep at 9-9:30pm, weekends whenever I’m tired! I get up at 6:15am on school days (ughhhh) and whenever I wake up on weekends. Allthough I do aim to get up before 10am on weekends. 

Blog Divider

WHOOO WE DID IT READERS! Finally made it to the end of the Q&A posts! Thank you all again for the amazing questions, and well done you if you made it to the end of another lengthy post! I’m wondering, do you like long posts, short posts, or both? It would help me figure out if I should cut back on the rambling! 

Check out part one of this Q&A if you haven’t already, I love you all, and see you on the next post.

  –   All The Jazz 




Q&A!! | Part One! | The Legacy I Want To Leave Behind??

All my secrets shall be revealed in this post….

Heyy everyone! It’s Saturday and just like I promised this time last week, here’s the first part of the Q&A! This was originally gonna be one post, but you guys were amazing and asked me SOOO many questions, so I had to separate it into parts! There were some of the same questions asked twice, so I answered it once not repeatedly, so I didn’t ignore your question friends, don’t worry!

I’m so excited to answer your questions…let’s get to it. If you’re a nosy little human like me, you love this!

Untitled design

1.  Mahriya @ My Bookish Life asks: What country do you come from?

I’m from good old, tea loving, Britain! But I hate tea. Herbal tea is where it’s at. 

*EDIT: OH MY GOSH I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED I LOVE TEA. A recent bad situation ended up in someone giving me a cup of milky tea with sugar and it was amazing, I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED. But, you know, herbal tea is still alright. 

Books or Movies?

This is unexpectedly quite a hard one. Um…I’m gonna have to say books, but I LOVE movies. They add the greatness books physically can’t!

What’s one word you’d use to describe yourself?

The first thing I thought of was shy…*proceeds to hide in a corner*

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I had such a huge urge to share my creative side, to own something that’s unique to me online to share with people and to have a place to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I envied what YouTubers had and the ability to create content they love and to share it with people who enjoy it, I wanted that! So to wrap this answer up, I wanted a little corner on the internet where I could be me, and meet new people and make connections with my audience as I do so. And I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART. 

Do you ever find it weird that you’ve made blogging friends?

Not weird at all! If anything, I’m surprised that I’ve managed to make friends and people have actually liked me! It’s also amazing, blogging had enabled me to make so many new connections, and I love it! 

2.  Tabi Bee asks: Would you blog the same or differently if you had 5000 people reading?

Oh courseee I’d blog the same! I’d never change myself, my personality and the way I write because of the number of followers I have. I’d always stay true to myself, I’ll never change for anything 🙂

A memory/time from a while ago that you still remember now because it made you so happy?

Um…there was this time a few years ago on my mum’s birthday. She’d decided she didn’t want to do anything to celebrate, but at 8 pm we all randomly decided to go to town! So we did, had a late dinner, and went to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 in cinemas and it was SO FUN. The cinema was basically empty, we had a blast. We left the cinema at midnight, got home almost 1 am and we were shattered…wouldn’t change it at all. 

Do you think you would swap YouTube for blogging? Why/why not?

Um, do you mean stop watching YouTube? Because I don’t have a YouTube channel, I’d be absolutely horrible at that! But if you do mean stop watching YouTube for blogging, I’d definitely do that. It would be hard, I have many YouTubers I love and look up to, many of them make my day when I feel dreadful. But reading and making blog posts do that as well. 

3.  Wolfishdelight asks: How do you do the featured images for each of your posts?

I use two websites in total, Canva to edit and Pixabay to find cute pictures. I might as well take this opportunity to say that I don’t take any of the photos in my featured images! I find the photo I’d like to use on Pixabay, then make an 800×400 template on Canva, then I go from there! If you’d like a detailed post on this, please let me know!

4.  Thegeckoonline asks: Would you rather have one best friend or lots of good best friends?

I’d rather have one best friend, one amazing friend that I’ll love for life! Right now I do have a good amount of close friends, but most of them have their own best friends. I’ve never had one best friend to myself if that makes sense, and that would be lovely to have. 

5.  My Life Online asks: What’s your blogging goal?

In general, my blogging goal is to just….stick around! To continue blogging for a long, long time, to continue making friends. Hopefully, blogging will open new opportunities and exciting pathways for me in the future. But however life gets, I always want to continue blogging…that’s my goal! 

How many followers do you hope to reach by the end of next month? The end of the year?

By the end of May, it would be amazing if I could reach 500 followers!! I’m currently being followed by 480 amazing people, and hopefully, we could reach that magical 500? That would be AMAZING, halfway to a thousand??? As for the end of the year, perhaps we’d make it to 1000? I highly doubt it, but honestly, that would be so amazing. It would be unbelievable. A girl can dream! 

6.  Jirah Merizz asks: Are you happy right now?

Yes, I am, pretty content right now. As I’m writing this, it’s Thursday 4th, and my school’s closed because we currently have local elections going on in my town, and my school’s a polling station during all elections, so NO SCHOOLLL! I’ve decided to spend my day blogging and relaxing, so I’m so happy right now, despite my day yesterday was the worst day in my school life…I might write a post on it.

What’s your favourite song as of the moment?

I’m hopeless with questions like these! *spends agesss thinking of one*. Ok, one of the songs I’m really loving at the moment is Dressed In Black by Sia in her 1000 Forms of Fear album. LOVE THIS SONG. 

What’s a place that you really want to visit?

I’ve always wanted to visit America. Anywhere in America really, New York, LA…you name it. 

7.  Awkwardsaurus asks: Have you ever been to a concert? Who did/would you see?

I’ve never been to a concert sadly! But if I could go I have no idea who I would go and see. I don’t love particular singers or bands enough to wanna sit (or stand) and listen to their songs for hours! I’d probably go to one that has several artists there, like Coachella and other concerts radio stations often host. 

8.  May @ Forever and Everly asks: What do you want to change in the world? How would you achieve that, if you could?

I would want to get rid of all the hate in the world. Everything ugly about this world…I want it all to disappear. As for how I would achieve it…I have no idea. It’s annoying wanting to do something and having no idea how to do it. But I guess all I can do is start with myself, do good things and spread good things. If I don’t add hate into the world, at least they’ll be a lesser amount of it. And if everyone starts to do it, the effect will be greater. 

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Whoa…this is a really hard question for me. It’s difficult because I still have no idea what I want to do in life, let alone the legacy I want to leave behind. All I know is that I want to be remembered as a good person, a funny person, and a girl with a blog. Lame answer, I know. *And the worst answer to a good question goes toooo….* 

Some of your favourite blogs?

Gonna have to press pause on this question, a post highlighting all my favourite blogs will be up sometime next week! 

Do you like mangos?

I LOVEEE MANGOS!! And mango juice. Mangos for lifeeee. 

9.  Wormalblog asks: Have you had a pet? If so what was your favourite? 

I have a pet, but he’s more of my Mum’s pet than mine. He’s a chubby white rabbit named John. Yeah I know, so original! But I’m planning to get a kitten in the summer, and he or she is gonna be my little friend 🙂

What’s something that always makes you laugh?

My crazy friends, and brother. I know a lot of crazy people that are hilarious!

10.  GirlfromGhana asks: What do you think of Africa?

I love Africa, I actually have some ties to it. My Mum’s from Ghana and my ‘Dad’ (I always put him in these: ” when I mention him because he hasn’t earned that title, but he’s technically got that title. So I decided to compromise lol) is from Trinidad and Tobago. So I’ve got African roots!

Would you ever visit any African country, if yes, which country?

I probably wouldn’t. I’d like to, but I have a really, really bad fear of flies and my Mum always warns me that there’s way more in Africa than the UK. I’d be terrified throughout the whole trip, which would be a shame, so there’s not really any point. 

Untitled design

We’ve reached the end of the first part of this Q&A!! I hope you liked it!! There’s tonnes more of questions to go, so I hope you’re ready for a truckload of more answers! And lookkk, did you see my dividers? They’re not amazing (I know), I might make a new one, but for now, these are what I’m going to be using, and I love the simplicity of them!

I’m not sure when I should post part two of this Q&A, I’m going to let you guys decide! Should I post part two tomorrow, next Saturday, or another day during the upcoming week?? Please let me know! 

(And if anyone has any advice on making blog dividers, please let me know…as you can see I need it!!) 

Until the next post 🙂 

–   All The Jazz 





Looks Like I’ve Bought Some Stuff!

I never thought this day would come! *eyes water with tears* *wipes them away dramatically*. I would like to thank several people for making this dream come true…

When the sarcasm levels hit extreme levels huh?

What’s up readers? How are you? I hope you’re all doing fantastically well!

I was sitting around one day, and I realised ‘Oh, I’ve bought quite a decent amount of stuff! And I guess this means I’ve found…A BLOG POST IDEA!!’ 

So here it is, enjoy! 

Untitled design

Nike White Trainers | Nike

I was so happy when I found these! Here’s the story of how, because, why not? There’s a Nike Outlet store near us (basically where they take shoes and other Nike products no longer needed in store for whatever reason) and we love going there sometimes because all the shoes are in pretty good condition, as good as they are in the normal Nike stores. So we had a little browse around. It’s such an awesome feeling when you find shoes you like, in your size! And that’s exactly what happened to me! So now I have these basic white Nike trainers, with a black Nike ‘swoosh’ on the sides and ‘Nike’ written on the back. It goes with everything, and I’ve been living in them. 

Rock Band Oversized Jumper | MissGuided

My Mum actually got this for me! Her new favourite store is Miss Guided, she’s been ordering off it like crazy. And when her order arrived and she gave me this jumper I was pretty shocked. I hardly get new clothing lol. Anyway, when I tried it on it was legendary. It was so softttt. I wore it out when we went to watch Fast and Furious 8 in the cinemas on Tuesday 18th and I swear it was the comfiest I’ve ever felt watching a movie in the cinema. (THE FILM WAS AMAZING BTW, FULL OF ACTION AND CARS AND EXPLOSIONS!! PERFECTION).

Kiko Nail Polish + Top Coat | Kiko Makeup

I bought these the same day we watched Fast and Furious 8! My mum and I decided to check Kiko out since we always walk past their store but we never go in, we thought it was about time. They have an amazing selection of nail polishes, and I picked out a grand total of 5! Yay! And guess what, I saw a dark blue that was VERY similar to the blue nail polish Hannah Baker used in 13 Reasons Why to put on the numbers on that were on the tapes and wore herself. The urge to get that colour was real. So I did, in honour of Hannah. Don’t judge me!! Anyway, I also got a bright pink, a sparkly light gold, a clear neutral, and the top coat. Acting like a teenager for once in my odd little life huh?

Pink Ring Binder, plastic folders, more school stuff | Bunch Of Places Really LOL. 

Yeah, I needed a mini top up of school supplies. And I needed the ring binder because in English we’re ditching the exercise books to put our work in folders for it’s easier for when we come to revise since at my school we start covering GCSE English (right now English Lit) and Maths early because of the new GCSE system. Ugh. 

Eyebrow sculpture, little pot of concealer, mascara | Kiko Makeup.

Yeah, I still can’t believe it as well. I’ve got my own makeup?! I thought this day would never come. I talked about my shock in further detail in this post, feel free to read my extreme reaction!

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken | Waterstones. 

Am I excited or am I excited? I think we’ve established my excited, but I have to hold on to that excitement for a bit longer since the book’s not actually in my possession yet…I have to wait 9 days because it was out of stock! Nooooo!

Untitled design

And that’s it for the first mini haul on my blog! Yep, there are no cute pictures. Who knows, I might add them later and this part won’t make any sense at all! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this little post. I really want to go on a shopping spree in Primark one day, they have amazing stuff for such cheap prices…it’s a student’s dream really! And if I do, should I do a haul on here? If I do I won’t be lazy and I’ll actually take photos, promise!

Have a lovely day everyone!

  –   All The Jazz 



Bank Holiday 3 Day Weekend! | What I’ve Been Up To!!

I swear I’m at my best when I’m not in school! I’m productive, I’m happier, I’m relaxed….it’s crazy!

Heyyy friends, and welcome to another blog post written by the one and only me! I’m in SUCH a great mood today, I had an AMAZING Saturday, and I’ve just had an AMAZING Sunday, and I don’t have to go into school on Monday because it’s bank holiday! So I’m just a ball of excitement right now, not the usual negative, sad mess I normally am. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that school is one of the key factors that bring down my mood. (WELL DUH JAZZ). But not just because of the ‘normal’ reasons why people hate school. I know EXACTLY why school brings me down mentally and physically so much, but this isn’t the time, not the post, to go on about that.

This post is gonna talk you through what I’ve been up to this 3 day bank holiday weekend, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I’ve actually done quite a lot, and I’ve been 100% happy while doing them, and that just makes it so much better! 

Let the show…(or post, I guess this is just a blog post. But you could totally consider this a show if you want) begin!!


Caterday is totally a thing, look it up if you don’t believe me!

I woke up early as I always do on school weekends. I guess it’s because my body clock is used to those early times…? 

So I woke up at 6:50, got my phone and did what everyone does really. Check social media, (I also check a game on my phone that I’m addicted to. Anyone here play Clash Royale?), and then I check my WordPress to reply to comments. Watched YouTube, read blogs and then I started daydreaming about breakfast so I got up. 

I ate, caught up on Gogglebox, then I dragged my lazy self up to actually get dressed and do stuff. 


I had quite a lot of challenging homework. Not a lot, but the ones I had were stuff that would take a while and I’d actually have to use more effort than usual! And I knocked them ALL out of the park. Started at 10am and finished at 12, I annihilated the homework in my path! Yay me! 

So after that, I had lots of time to spare. I decided to use this time to do a lot of bloggy stuff. Before I started my homework I got that Q&A?? post up where I asked you all to ask me interesting questions, so I was still in a ‘YEAH LET’S DO BLOG STUFF’ mood, so it was best to take advantage of it. I made blog headers for posts I’m going to write (I hope you’ll like them!!), I started writing two of them and I spent some time commenting on other blogger’s posts. I noticed that I hadn’t done that in a while, I read other’s posts, enjoyed them, and didn’t leave a comment even though I had things to say. I’m not sure why that happened, but I’ve noticed it and I’m working on it. 

After I’d done all that, it was around 1:30pm. My Mum and I decided to catch up on all the episodes of Masterchef USA we’d missed. Is it just me or does anyone else prefer American shows WAYY more than UK shows? For example, I find UK’s Masterchef to be soooo boring and calm. It all just….happens. They cook, judges judge, people go home, and that’s that. But it’s a whole different story with Masterchef USA. It’s just so much more ‘YEAH’. Everyone’s more energetic, the judges are awesome, the challenges make everything so intense, the music is so tension building and exhilarating….no calm, slightly fast paced violin music, this is the United States of America we’re talking about people!

….Looks like I got a bit side tracked. Whoops.

Anyway, my Mum and I caught up on the episodes we missed. Which had a grand total of five 1 hour long episodes, and that wasn’t even all of them!

Now, that brings us to around 5:40pm. We stopped watching and actually started to do stuff with our lives. My Mum started dinner and I…well. I continued doing nothing with my life lol.

Dinner and an awesomeee shower later, the fam and I settled in front of the TV to watch Britain’s Got Talent. Classic British Saturday evening TV. It was good, it always is really. We then watched Britain’s Got More Talent, which is so darn HILARIOUS. I’m always laughing my head off when I watch that show. It’s the perfect end to my Saturday nights.

Then, I got ready for bed then went to bed. As you do! I read some of your wonderful blog posts to end my day.

I get my Saturday was pretty basic, probably not very productive. But in the sad life of yours truly, it was a pretty awesome Saturday, just because I was happy. Oh and I had cheesecake while watching Britain’s Got Talent. Cheesecake is awesome.


I woke up soooo early! 6:30am! I wake up this early for school! I did try to get to sleep but I started worrying about something, and I had to check it. So I got up and checked, and it was all good, but now I was pretty much awake so there was no point going back to sleep. If only I trusted the little part of me that was saying ‘CALM DOWN THERE’S NOTHING WRONG STUPID’. 

I did the usual check social media, wordpress and other stuff routine, and then I watched YouTube. I think I might write a post about Youtubers I’ve been loving lately, because there’s quite a few, and that’ll be a nice little post to write. What do you think? 

I got up at around 8am, ate breakfast, then the family and I got ready to head into town. We decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 because if we didn’t we’d probably lose track of time, and by the time we remember to watch it it’ll be out of cinemas. And you GOT to watch all Marvel movies in the cinema at least once, so you can appreciate all its glory on the big screen. DUH! 

We left at twenty to 12, got to town at 12, and head to McDonald’s for lunch because I’ve been craving McDonald’s for agessss. McDonald’s fries give me life, they’re soooo good!

Oh, and on the way to McDonald’s, we were faced with quite a horrific sight. A couple were walking their dog and the dog just stopped, and let out a river of…poop. Very…liquid poop.


My Mum was horrified, she tried to protect our minds (and appetite) by telling us ‘don’t look over there, oh god don’t look over there’. But we did, I mean 90% of the time when you’re told not to look at something you look because humans are curious souls. My brother and I had to hold back the laughter, mainly because that poor dog was probably ill, and because they’d hear us if we just burst out laughing. But really though, poor dog. I hope he’s ok.

We ate, and by that time we had an hour and a half before the movie started, so we decided to wonder around town. My Mum and I went into Kiko Makeup (I bought some nail polish from there a week ago) and GUESS WHAT.

A miracle took place, a rare phenomenon has been documented, people are gonna remember this for the rest of their lives…I BOUGHT MAKEUP. Like…what? 

I bought an eyebrow sculptor to fix my non-existent eyebrows, a little pot of concealer, and mascara. I actually have makeup in my possession, I’m proud of me! That was one of the things I really wanted to achieve this year! I’m going to watch myself for a few months, see if I use them and start getting the hang of it. Then I’ll allow myself to start acquiring other makeup stuff. 

Whoop! I’m a teenager now! I’ve come of age!

After that, we went to Waterstones to get Never Fade, the second book in The Darkest Minds series. But it wasn’t in stock, so we had to order it. *Sigh*. It’s arriving in nine days, and those nine days better hurry up!

By the time we did all of that, it was time for the movie. Two hours and a half later we emerged, smelling like popcorn and feeling so pumped up because Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 was AMAZINGGG. I’m demanding you to go and watch it now! If not for all the space fighting and planets and Marvel action, do it because of Baby Groot. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser James Gunn (screen grab) CR: Marvel


After the movie, we headed home. And that’s when I jumped straight back into blogging. I was just in such a bloggy mood, mainly because I’d been reading more blogs on the way to town and on the way back, and I just couldn’t get over how amazing other blogger’s blogs are! Hey, I mentioned earlier I might do a post on all my favourite YouTubers, should I also do the same with bloggers? 

Lately I’ve been so motivated to put more work into my posts, and that’s what I’m gonna do! You may be noticing small layout changes that I’m trying out, just so I can find ways to add to my posts that suit my blog and me. 

After that I showered, started working on this post, and then…. I fell asleep on the sofa and my mum had to wake me up to go to bed. You know you’ve done a lot in a day when you fall asleep on the sofa!


And now we’ve reached Monday! I’m so happy I’m not in school right now…SO happy! I woke up at 7am, and did the usual. We don’t have to go through that again! I did some English homework, and read some blogs. 

Then, at around 12:40pm, I started writing up blog posts. I’m still in that intense blogging mood, so I’m still taking advantage of it. And it’s been quite fun, just chilling on the sofa, blogging to my hearts content. I blogged for what felt like agesss, I stopped at a few minutes to 2pm. And as soon as I finished blogging and put down my laptop, I noticed how hungry I was. Honestly, it was intense. So, I ate (duh) and then I realised I had tonnes of time on my hands…and got nothing to do. To be honest I don’t even know what I did from 2pm to 4pm, time just went! It’s funny how Saturday and Sunday were so jam packed and Monday is so empty. But I’m excited for dinner, my Mum is making something new and cool. And I’m sooo not excited for school, I go back on Tuesday. The past few days has made my seriously realise how much school has a negative impact on me. Saturday, Sunday and the most of Monday I was so happy it was unbelieveable, I kept waiting for something to ruin that. And the thing that ruined that was the fact that I’m going back to school. Ugh, it’s so frustrating.

At 5pm, we had dinner. On school nights we always have dinner earlier than what would be considered ‘normal’. My Mum new thing she was trying out was nice, let’s take a moment to appreciate my Mum’s cooking skills. *A moment passes*

I watched Neighbours and Home and Away (Australian dramas I’ve been watching for longer than I can even remember) and then I made for lunch for school. I showered, changed into my pj’s, then cozied up in my room to attempt (and fail) to unwind.

Filled in my diary, then went to bed at 9:20pm. And the next day brings school. Yay. But the good news is I have no school on Thursday because it’s the local elections, and my school is a polling station. So that’s good! I just gotta look forward to that. 


And that’s it! My 3 Day Bank Holiday weekend, in a crazy long blog post. Kinda like a day in the life huh? I hope you enjoyed somehow….

Any fellow British bloggers reading? How was your bank holiday weekend? I hope you had a relaxing time, probably revising because of dreaded exam season. I send you strength friends, and anyone else in facing exams soon! I’m not gonna single out my non-British readers, how did your weekend go? Let me know…I’m all ears! I’ve got a lot of time on my hands!

Good luck for the week ahead, *huggsss* for you all.

(And whoaa, this post was long! An amazing 2180 words…new record!! Congrats if you made it through, I applaud you!)

  –   All The Jazz 




Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Q&A??

Hey everyone! I hope your week at school (or work) went well, feel free to rant to me in the comments if it didn’t, I’m all ears!

I’m writing up this quick post because I suddenly felt the urge to start a Q&A! I’m sure there’s LOTSSS you guys would like to know about me! So…ask away! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below, and I’ll make a post this time next week with all the answers to your questions.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll be back with a proper post tomorrow!

  –   All The Jazz 



My Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2017

It’s this time of the month again! The time where your reader is full to the brim of Monthly Wrap-Ups and Monthly Favorites. 

Hey readers, we’ve reached the end of April! I hope your April went fantastically well, full of sunshine and flowers. Literally as soon as it turned April here in the UK, it’s like someone turned on a switch and the sun just came out at full force, we’ve had so many nice sunny days and it’s lovely to see in dreary old England. I’ve noticed exam season is coming up (mocks or proper exams?) so I hope you all have managed to revise, as hard as it is! Productivity is key during exams, but don’t beat yourself up about it if you didn’t or struggled with it, you’ll do well in the end…I believe in you all! 

And hey, I made a header! Do you like it? I love it, not too fancy…just like me. I’m gonna start making headers and stuff for my blog posts, and I’m hoping to make graphics for posts as well! Get excited! Hopefully I actually manage to do it. Wish me luck guys.

Now, let’s get into the monthly wrap-up for April. What have I been up to??

This past month I achieved…

  • Blogged frequently – I did quite a lot of blogging in the month of April and I’m so happy about that! Blogging definitely has a good impact on my mood so I’m glad I can do it often. 
  • Connected with other bloggers on Twitter – Connecting my blog with Twitter was such a good decision. From the middle of April onwards, I’ve really used Twitter often to talk to other bloggers and connect with them. And I’ve just gained so much love for the Twitter app itself…I love it!
  • Binge watched a show for the first time – May be a stupid achievement, but it’s still an achievement! The show is 13 Reasons Why and I loved it so much I made a post all about it

And…that’s it! Honestly April was such a fail of a month for me, I achieved nothing worthwhile. 

My Ambitions for the following month…

  • Take part in a blog collab – I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO THIS SINCE FEBRUARY!!!
  • Practice piano every weekend – Again, SOMETHING I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO SINCE FEBRUARY!!
  • Start writing/planning a story – I used to write, a lot. And then, as it often does, life got in the way and it’s now been years since I wrote. So I’d love to take up writing again. Love to. I’d better make a start on this!!
  • Hopefully get things sorted for the kitten – Not getting a kitten soon, more like in the near future. We’re thinking June-July. So I’d like to cement that, if that makes sense. 
  • Stop worrying about the past – I’m making this a huge goal to last for as long as it needs to, but I’m starting it off now. I feel like if I do this, I’d be happier. 
  • Eat healthier… – I’m hoping I can do this…but I probably won’t let’s be real. But I can dream! And, in all seriousness, I kinda seriously have to. I’m not overweight in any way, but since my medical condition prevents me from doing exercise, and one of the pills I take can increase weight gain, I need to keep on top of things before I lose control and it’s too late. 
  • Read the rest of The Darkest Minds series – It’s an amazing series, I’m hoping in May I’d be able to get my hands of the rest of the books and devour them. Muhhaaa.
  • Start song writing – My song writing hobby started with a school assignment actually. We had to write a song and create music for it, and turns out I have a natural ability to write songs! My music teacher LOVED it and he constantly made it clear that he really wanted me to continue writing. I find it hard to believe people when I get compliments but…I’m willing to give it a go. So I’m hoping inspiration strikes during the month of May, and I write another song.  


SOOO basically, the month of May is gonna have me writing a ton. And I can’t wait!!

I hope you guys had more of a productive month than I did! Let me know what you’ve achieved in the comments. Summer’s gonna be here before we know it, I’m excited, only because it’ll be closer until the end of the school year, and of course I’m gonna be excited for that. But for now, school, school and more school. 

Until the next post everyone, hugs for you all 🙂 

  –   All The Jazz