16/02/17 – Parents Evening and GCSE Madness

I’ve never heard the words ‘GCSE’ and ‘Options’ so much in my life until that day!

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first proper post on All The Jazz. I decided to it kick off with this one, an account of my evening on 16th February. Enjoy!

Parents evening started out how it always does, my mum and I rushing to leave the house since we weren’t paying attention to the time. I absolutely hate being late to things, mainly because of the attention it gives me.

Luckily we weren’t late, but we couldn’t get into the presentation they were having about GCSE’s to parents, so we had to wait with other late(ish) parents and their kids to go in and watch the presentation after.

Presentation out of the way, it was time for actual parents evening to begin. Most kids dread parents evening, but I never have. I’m one of the ‘she’s a joy to teach, but she’s too quiet and need to put her hand up more’ kids, so I hear the same thing pretty much every parents evening.

Anyway, there were a few highlights to my parents evening.

Everyone wants me to do their subject!

This is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I don’t have to worry about a teacher refusing to add me to their GCSE class and bad because it’s making it harder for me to choose! The main competing subjects are Religous Studies and Geography. I’m awesome at RE and I enjoy it too, however, I’m pretty good at Geography and even though I don’t enjoy it as much as RE, Geography is deemed more academic by the government. Is anyone doing the new GCSE’s in Geography and RE? If so, please let me know how it’s going!

My Mum met my brother’s double!

This needs a little backstory before I tell you what happened. There’s a boy in my year that looks pretty similar to my brother, I’ll call him W. W really enjoys telling everyone that we’re related and everyone believes him because we do look similar. As my mum and I were waiting to see a teacher she sees W and goes ‘That boy looks just like your brother!’ After we saw that teacher, my mum couldn’t resist going to say hi to W and his mum. They all had a nice little convo while I stood there acting as awkward and shy as possible. When we got home from parents evening my mum told my brother that she saw his double. I explained she saw W and the funny thing is they both had the same answer: ‘I get that a lot’.

My report was pretty awesome.

I mean come on, who isn’t happy when they get a good school report? It was quite relieving that it was so good and that my exam marks were good. I tend to miss more school than the average person, so to get such a good report was a relief! Also, I really enjoy the praise I get from my mum when I do well…who doesn’t?

I also thought I’d tell you guys the GCSE options I’ve got finalized in my head as of right now. The deadline is the 27th February, so I better hurry and decide.

Option block one: 3rd Science.

Option block two: Religious Studies.

Option block three: History.

Option block four: GCSE Music. 

In my school, this is how the GCSE’s are laid out/picked. There are a few subjects in each block and you have to pick one. And I didn’t have to choose a language and follow the Ebacc Pathway because I’m horrible at French and I’m barely surviving in Set 3! 

I’m sure those subjects are pretty balanced, I got two good academic subjects…surely that’s enough? But there’s still a voice in my head nagging me about Geography!

Sigh…decisions, decisions. 

I’ll keep you guys updated when I finally make a decision I’m happy with. 

To end this post, I thought I might as well share with you all my mindset right now when it comes to school.

All this discussion about GCSE’s and exams is making me excited. I know I’m probably gonna look back on this and wonder why in the world I was excited. But right now, I just am. 

I can’t wait to start learning my GCSE subjects and start the journey of the end of my secondary school days. My desire to leave my school has been pretty strong for the past week. It’s no secret I hate that place, for many reasons. And the sooner I can leave the better. Knowing me, I’m probably gonna set up a countdown to the day I leave school as soon as I start year 11! 

I’m going to stop rambling now, because if I continued I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop and this post would have ended up reaching the 1000 words mark! 

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed getting an insight into the school portion of my life. And if anyone has some GCSE advice for me, I’d love it if you could let me know. 

–   All The Jazz

35 thoughts on “16/02/17 – Parents Evening and GCSE Madness

  1. I chose my gcse options last year and I wish I hadn’t worried about it so much; I actually chose mine on the day they were due in! 😂 I am doing the new GCSEs and re for me was compulsory but I love it and it’s actually so interesting! I also do geography which is okay, there are some really interesting things and some really dull things. I definitely recommend history, it’s by far my favourite! So yeah I do all the humanities plus French and triple science was my other option. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, hope I can help haha. ❤xx

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    1. I bet this time next year I’m gonna wish I hasn’t worried so much too😂 And it’s good to know you’re enjoying RE, is it difficult so far? And what religion are you studying now?
      I’m worried I’m gonna find most of geography pretty dull, history is just much more fun compared! I’ve always enjoyed history and I’m naturally good at it, so history is a must no matter what!

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      1. I probably like the philosophy and ethics side of re more than the religion, we’re doing Christianity and Judaism for half, and the other things are like relationships and looking at different views and that which is pretty interesting. Some parts of geography like people of the world and UK are good, but some are dull like the landforms of a river 😂 but yeah, history is so, so good! ❣x

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      2. Same here, I enjoy that side of RE more than the religious side. And oh my gosh, landforms or a river and eight figure graphs and stuff like that in geography literally bore me to death! And I’m not that good at it too lol😂

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    1. Really? How did you find the GCSE? And what did you cover exactly? Because I do enjoy some parts of geography but not really super geography like stuff. Does that make sense? Probably not😂, I hope you do get what I mean though!

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      1. Well the course has two parts, one is human geog and one is physical geog. The physical part is like volcanoes, rivers etc. Human is population, development etc. Most people find physical more interesting.
        Out of all of my subjects, for me geography is probably the easiest to get good grades in!
        ‘Super geography like stuff’- is that like, maps and terminology and stuff? Because there actually isn’t much technical info to remember. History is the worst subject for remembering things. I used to like history more in year nine but now in year eleven geography is much better. 😄

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      2. Yeah I definitely find the physical part more interesting. And yeah, ‘super geography like stuff’ is maps and graphs and terminology! I find that part of geography hard and boring and I just can’t seem to embrace it, if you get what I mean. And as with History, I naturally remember all the dates and stuff and I find it fun to remember them😂I dunno…I’m a history weirdo😂

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      3. To be honest all subjects have their positives and negatives. I’d recommend geography and history, and although I didn’t take RE my sister is and it sounds pretty good.
        Another good thing about geography (soz I just really like geography 😂) is that you get trips! Our school has two geography trips, one for coursework and one for fun. It’s not a big part but it was a pretty awesome break from lessons. Do you know whether you have trips at your school?

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      4. I know, the struggle is real😭
        And yeah I know about the trips! Our school does GCSE trips for just the humanities, although I don’t know much about them yet. I got a feeling (as much as like geography and the benefits it gives me if I do it) I might go with RE, even though it’s not as academic anymore….ugh I wish it was! If it was I probably wouldn’t be in this position lol.
        Thank you for all your advice btw💕🙂

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  2. I’m in Year 8 and I’m already picking GCSEs and have to bring the preference sheet by Friday. For us RE (we call it RS) is compulsory and we have to pick between geography and history and I wanna pick history. We also have electives which we have to pick two from and honestly it’s really difficult and I still haven’t chosen. 😰 I hope all goes well for you 😊

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  3. I’m in my first year at college (year 12) and honestly they put so much pressure on me to pick good gcse options. But at the end of the day if you decide the ones you picked aren’t for you it’s not the end of the world. I did Textiles, History and French at GCSE and I’m now doing Design, Photography and Psychology at A Level. Not necessarily what I intended to do at A Level but I enjoy it nevertheless 🙂

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  4. Hey! I am going through the exact same issue! All of my teachers want me to do their subject and it becomes really frustrating doesn’t it! I have to hand my options in on the 27th too but I still haven’t the faintest what I’m gonna do. I’m taking Geography because the course sounds really fun but I guess it’s difficult if there are too many subjects you like the sound of. I’m upset because I’m having to drop History and French. Just think, you can always pick subjects that you like back up after GCSE if you don’t choose it as one of your options, my mum says its not the ‘be all and end all’ just a stepping stone and it really doesn’t matter too much about what you pick. Good luck, and keep us updated on what you choose to do in the end. Also, it was nice to read this post because you seem to have the same problems as me so I could relate, thankyou for writing it xxx

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    1. Yay, you relate with me! It’s so frustrating and it also makes me feel pretty bad because I’m gonna let them down when I don’t pick their subject.
      You have to drop History and French? I feel so sorry for you! My relationship with French is pretty rocky to say the least, but I love History so much and I imagine it would be so frustrating having to let it go.
      Good luck to you too, and I will definitely will keep you updated! I hope you can do the same, I’d love to see what you picked 🙂

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    1. I’m not 100% sure, I think in year 10 we’ll be covering Christianity and Islam and in year 11 we’ll be covering the not as religious part but I’ve completely forgotten the exact course!
      I really wish geography was one of my best subject, lucky you!


  5. I thought I’d left a comment before but it looks like I forgot to hit post! I love talking about GCSEs (school etc I mean my blog has pretty much turned into an A Level Maths hub). This post is so exciting! I might have said before I did (along with the ones we all gotta do) Geography, RS, French, Latin AND Ancient Greek so if you have any questions HIT ME UP!

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    1. Thank you! I actually got a few questions if that’s ok!
      How’s the workload in year 10? I’m assuming the workload is tones in year 11, but I’m wondering if that’s the same in year 10?
      How did you find RS? Was it useful to you for sixth form?
      And lastly, how quickly did time fly in year 10 and 11? I can’t wait until I’m free from my secondary school and I’m hoping those two years go really fast!😂


      1. OMG YAY QUESTIONS! First off thank you for asking me them. Now for my take on them:
        1. Year 10 is actually decent. I managed to be well rested and so forth and I found that end of year exams were actually pretty okay too. Year 11 on the other hand is potentially a big one but it depends on your subject. Possibly the most draining thing about the two would be coursework and how your school chooses to carry it out. Some people do big chunks after school, for example. Plus it’s one of those things where you know it’s worth say 25% and you know that you can and must do it to and it could be something to fall back on in future. This might sound unnecessary but I found it helped me masses: at the beginning of Year 10 (end of Year 9 depending on how pumped you’re feeling!) I would definitely have a look at the specifications for your subjects to understand what’ll be asked of you in two years time in terms of papers/coursework etc. Genuinely. Year 11 workload is big for art subjects I guess. It also boils down to how you prioritise and work too. Like in Geography so many of my friends made Flashcards and coloured posters whereas I read my book at night and watched a video. Literally. We’re all different and it’s okay.
        2. RS was useful in that it added something nice grade-wise (plus it was a chill and essentially very very fascinating GCSE (I love religion etc)) but in terms of A Level no because I’m taking Maths, Further Maths and Physics.
        3. Time generally has flown so quick. Like I’m in Year 12 and looking at universities. HALP! Year 10 however was slow, because I kept wanting to sit my GCSEs and move on. But now I would love to go back to those years.
        Year 11 was slow until January, then it was soooo quick, because after January when I had my mocks I was like OMG there’s actual public exams at the end of all this. Public exams are such a weird experience. Sounds crazy but I’m still like ?! 🙂
        Any more questions hit me up as and when they pop into mind. Genuinely I am always here to answer any.

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