The Time I Was In A Musical

Being bored out of my mind is the perfect time to write a blog post right?

Hey guys, I’m back today with a random account of the months I spent in 2015 taking part in my school’s musical. I felt like talking to you all about a past experience in my life and the good or bad effects of it. So, without further ado….

I can’t remember the exact date, but on a gloomy school day in October 2015 I auditioned to be a part of my school’s musical that they do every two years. This year it was the musical We Will Rock You, and I was auditioning because my friends encouraged me to do so.

I had to sing for the audition (any song of our choice) and I was terrified. As soon as I entered that room and the music started I couldn’t do it. Take it as a combination of fear and just not being able to sing. Or maybe I can. My friends seem to think (well two of them anyway) that I haven’t unlocked my singing potential, and if I actually tried I’d sound pretty good. Maybe one day!

Anyway, I apologized, ran out of the audition and cried. I knew I wasn’t gonna get in. But I did, by some miracle.

Fast forward a few weeks and lunchtime rehearsals were underway. I had to communicate properly with students I’d never talked to before and teachers that I’d never been taught by. It was mentally draining and exhausting for a super shy teenager like me. But I got through rehearsal after rehearsal. Attended all the after school ones when they started. And I ended up starting to enjoy myself. Yes there were some days I just wanted to crawl into a hole because of how shy and socially awkward I am, but some days I found myself being as confident as my friends. 

It was definitely an experience. 

Fast forward to February and the dates for the actual performances were looming. I was nervous, but not as nervous and I thought I was gonna be. I was more excited than nervous. 

Before we all knew it, the three days of performances were up and the show was done forever! Everyone was crying and hugging each other and congratulating each other as if it was GCSE results day! 

And of course my socially awkward self decided to make a reappearance. Some year 10 in the show was hugging everyone and he came to hug me and I declined in the world’s most awkward way possible. I don’t even know why I declined, perhaps the hug went a bit too far and my defenses went up. 

Anyway, I think I said something along the lines of: ‘um, you ain’t getting a hug from me!’ and then I tried to laugh it off and he just awkwardly left and I started praying inside for my mum to arrive and save me. 

But overall, my experience in a musical was pretty fun. I never would done half the things I did taking part in that musical if I didn’t do it. Although it was pretty tiring for my little shy self, going from only talking to your friends at school to talking to a bunch of year 10’s and 11’s is gonna put pressure on me, but I guess all the stress was worth it. 

If anyone reading this suffers from being super shy, try something like this! Yes it’s gonna take you out of your comfort zone but the end result will be worth it, trust me. 

I hope you enjoyed my little story for you guys, I really enjoyed writing it. I hope this helps you all in some way. 

  –   All The Jazz 

17 thoughts on “The Time I Was In A Musical

  1. I’ve done three school musicals, including WWRY 3 years ago. I loved doing WWRY and High School Musical, and Hairspray! and it was an emotional experience that I miss – but I don’t miss all of the time that it took out of revision etc! Still, it was fun, and I made tons of friends in other years and memories I’ll never forget. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up doing next year’s musical too! 🙂

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    1. Whoa you were in three musicals? I’m thinking of joining the school’s one again next year, but instead of being in the cast hopefully I’ll be in the band instead. I’ve only been playing piano for 7 months, hopefully I’ll be good enough by then!

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  2. I was at an acting school for 3 years, being I dreamed of being an actor and so did my brother. After a while I stopped enjoying it the people I became friends with I’m still close with them but the people who run it starting doing favouritism and I didn’t agree with it and they started leaving me out in the things and I just wasn’t enjoying it and niether were a couple of my friends so we made a decision to leave and my brother left aswell to join a new acting club I fell out of love with acting and got more into music and the club signed my brother up to an agency and he’s auditioned for movies and all that he has another audition coming up soon and he loves it and it’s helped him so much out with his confidence. I then went to a music club to learn guitar and I’ve made so many friends with it and it’s helped me lots with my confidence 😅😅

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    1. I absolutely hate favouritism so I understand 100% why you decided to leave. It’s sad you fell out of love with acting but it’s awesome you got into music and guitar and it’s great it helped with your confidence! And good luck to your brother, maybe in a few years I’ll see him in a film!😊

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