09/03/2017 – A Day Full Of Universities and Powerpoints!

Oh my gosh guys, I finally succeeded at something!! This should be all over the news!

Heyy guys! I’m super excited just in case you couldn’t tell! I was meant to be finishing up a post I started writing yesterday, but I’m so pumped about how my day went and I really wanted to write about it and share it with all you amazing readers, and fellow bloggers! 

Thursday was the day a small amount of my year group have been preparing for! It was the day of the University Challenge presentations. The University Challenge I think is only exclusive to my school, and it’s where you can pick groups and create a presentation based on the topic you pick from the topic list to use. Topics include subjects that are very government related, if you get what I mean. 

My group contained me, one of my friends (I’ll call her Nova) and another one of my friends (she’ll be Saffron). Our subject was ‘Should University Education be free in England?’ and we went from there. Rewind back to three weeks before the presentations (yesterday) and we hadn’t got much done! We couldn’t find much time to meet and we always forgot to attend the workshops held on Wednesdays and Fridays. But obviously we managed to claw it back together. Fast forward back to yesterday, and there we were, with our Word PowerPoint on a USB and q-cards shaking in our hands. It was time, and my fear and severe shyness took over and I started panicking big time. I think Saffron could tell, and she tried to calm me down and give me techniques to do so. 

I was freaking out so much because I’m too shy for my own good (and about that, how can you tell when shyness is kinda growing into anxiety? How I reacted today scared me, and if anyone has any advice that’ll be awesome), the panel contained 7 people including my scary Head Of Year, some important guy from the University of Reading, and our old Head Teacher that retired this year after working at our school for more than a century….I think I had a good reason to freak out!

Our time slot started at 12:00, and so our presentation began. 

Every time I spoke you could hear the shakiness in my voice. I was shaking like a leaf, and hardly ever made eye contact with anything apart from the board, the wall, and my q-cards. But I read everything I needed to loud enough and clear enough, and that was an improvement from when we practised in front of a teacher earlier that day. 

After our presentation, everyone on the panel asked us a question. And these questions were pretty challenging, and all based on our research on our chosen subject. I guess what guys… I actually answered questions! And I answered them pretty well too! They all looked pretty impressed, and I actually had the confidence to jump in and help Nova when she was asked a question and was struggling with the answer. 

I succeeded! It was one of the most terrifying things I’d ever experienced, but I did it. I wish I spoke up even more during the questions, I had good answers for all of them but I didn’t speak up because I was too scared. But I still did it, and I’m proud of myself for that. 

Our time slot ended, they said thank you, we said thank you, and breathed a hugeee sigh of relief as soon as that door closed. Adrenaline was pumping through me for a long time after the presentation was over, my heart was pumping and I was still so nervous and jumpy. 

I used lunch to relax and eat. My friends and I had a nice lunchtime together, we chatted about anything and everything really, and had a good laugh. Definitely what I needed to calm down. 

Lunch ended, and everyone that took part in the University Challenge head over to the Lecture Theatre in the sixth from building in my school to find out who made it to the second round. Yep, this was just the first round, and it pretty much killed me. I still wanted to make it to the second round with Saffron and Nova. I wanted to get through so badly. 

And we did! 

I was relieved more than anything. And so was Saffron. Nova was full out acting as if she just got through the auditions of X-Factor or something! So now all we have to start preparing for round two, which much harder than round one, and if you pass round two you make it to the finals which can only include three groups…gosh this really is like X-Factor isn’t it? Well as close as I’ll ever get to it!

It’ll be so awesome if we make it to the final. You’re definitely get a place to go to the University of Reading for a day trip if you do, and that’s such an awesome opportunity. And you get these official looking certificates as you pass each round (so we’ve already confirmed one for completing and passing round 1) and it would be pretty cool to have all three. Sixth forms and universities would probably love to see those attached to my name you know?

Overall, yesterday was pretty awesome. I actually didn’t completing fail at something! But I haven’t quenched my shyness (or anxiety?) yet. It’s still bad, hopefully this experience will improve it a bit. 

To wrap this up, and since I’m on the topic of school, I remembered I never really told you guys about my GCSE options! I chose them ages ago (27th Feb) and I forgot to let you guys know what I went with in the end. 

On 27th February I submitted to my school that I wanted to do…Religious Education (or Religious Studies to others), History, 3rd Science (or Triple Science to others) and GCSE Music. I’m really happy with all my choices, and I can’t wait to start studying them in Year 10!

Thank you all for reading, this post was pretty packed. I hope everyone’s week went awesome, and if not, remember it’s Friday! The end is near, that alone is sure to cheer you up a little! Oh, and thank you all for the amazing response I got from my review of All The Bright Places! I’m glad you all liked it, I’m definitely gonna post more book reviews in the future!

  All The Jazz 

15 thoughts on “09/03/2017 – A Day Full Of Universities and Powerpoints!

  1. Awesome!! Although​ that does sound extremely terrifying it sounds worth it too! In terms of anxiety I really don’t know a lot, but if you’re concerned seek help at home or school or even a doctor!
    Also on the topic of breathing (I read all the comments above idk why 😂) I’ve been told 3 seconds inhale, 3 seconds hold, 3 seconds exhale. I’m usually sceptical about stuff like that, so when a relative told me I didn’t expect it to work but it kinda does! 😊x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so terrifying but like you said, it was worth it! I don’t really wanna go to a doctor or anything just yet, same with telling someone at home. I’ll just look at trustworthy sources online and take it from there! And I’m the same as you with breathing as a calming techniques, but I’m gonna trust you and use it when I need to!😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohmygod! You’re only in Year 10 and you’re already working toward university stuff. I’m in Year 9 and I haven’t even thought about that! Tell me, is your Year 10 the same as my Year 10, because when I go into Year 10 next year I’ll be turning 16. Is that the same for you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m in year 9 too! And trust me I wouldn’t have thought about it too if my school didn’t bring that challenge up. And don’t worry, when I go to year 10 I will be turning 16, our school just wanted us to get a feel of University like projects like presentations and being independent when it comes to projects, nothing more than that! They just named it the University Challenge because they partnered with the University of Reading!😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh. Okay. That’s good then. I live in Australia, so thats why I had to ask about the year thing, I wasn’t sure if it was the same or not. I hope my school does something like that university challenge though, because that would be really helpful in getting used to those types of projects.

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  3. Well done, I used to hate presentations and anything like that when I was at school, I was very shy and hated speaking publicly to a group of people, I’m still the same now sometimes but after I left school and started working I got better at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all I’m so sorry I took ages to respond to this post! I didn’t see it, and when I checked the ‘pending’ section I saw it!
      Thank you, I’m still very shy and hate presentations with a passion, but I feel slightly more comfortable now…kinda. Hopefully we both continue getting better at it🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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