Life Update | Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing?

I’m here, still alive! Call off those search parties! Then again it hasn’t been that long, I haven’t posted in just over a week but it feels so much longer than that!

Hello everyone! Happy April! How’s everyone been doing? It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve posted, mainly because the last two weeks or so of March felt like they went on forever, so much has happened. But I’m back, and super pumped for Easter break, prepare for the huge amount of posts that’ll be thrown your way for the next two weeks! 

But, as for why I was gone, like I said, the last weeks of March went on forever, mostly because I was struggling so hard then. Physically, emotionally…I’d never say I’m depressed unless I’ve been officially diagnosed, but how I was feeling then….I’d say that if I didn’t manage to pull myself out of that, I’d be heading to a dangerous place. So…yeah, I disappeared because of that.

Ok, I’m glad I got most of the sad stuff out of the way, let’s move on. 

Anyway, my life. What’s been going on? I never know how to start with life updates…

The run up to the end of March started badly, I went into school but had to leave early due to….reasons. That ended up in me staying home for the entire week, physically not being able to go into school. That ended up starting a rough period between my mum and I. We kept fighting and disagreeing. So yeah, that wasn’t fun. But I’m not going to go into the depressing details, I’m in a happy mood, I wanna keep it!

On Thursday I had a hospital appointment to do with that mysterious ‘reason’. I would go into it but I’d have to miss out so much that I’m not comfortable with sharing , so it all won’t make sense, so it’s just best not to. But it wasn’t the worst hospital appointment I’ve had! After the appointment, my mum and I ate lunch at some new Chinese restaurant, went window shopping around town, I bought a book (which I’ve read and I LOVED, book review soon!) and then we went home. 

But, just to let you all know quickly, about the cat, I’ve announced already that I’m no longer getting it BUT I’d managed to convince my mum to get me the cat somewhere in the near future. She promised me, hand on heart, that she would, so I’m happy about that! I’m sad, because if everything went to plan we would have owned a kitten two days from now, but I’m happy because it’s not ruled out. 

That week ended, and then I went back to school at the beginning of the week we’re currently in, the last week before Easter break. 

School. A horde of new kids joined my year the last week that I wasn’t in, since tonnes of people had been permanently excluded in a huge wipe-out. Every time new kids join my year I always hope it’ll be my chance to make a new friend, or have someone that doesn’t know me as ‘quiet, boring, nerdy’. But that never happens, the snobby ‘popular’ kids always get to them first. Anyway. One of the new kids has the same name as me, and a girl that’s been at our school as long as everyone has my name too. Plus there’s another girl which has a name that’s similar to mine….and they’re all in my classes. If it’s not one, it’s the other! So I’m always having people call my name, but it’s not me, and it’s so frustrating. And the times I don’t turn around, it ends up being me! Some kid started calling me the Irrelevant *insert my name here*, and the new girl with the same name as me is the Relevant *insert my name (and hers I guess lol) here*. Because the new girl, who’s only been at our school for two weeks, is more popular and talked to than me…already. Ugh school’s so overrated and annoying. Forget me, school’s the irrelevant one here. 

Anyway, overall the last week before Easter break was a standard school week. Some days I had such fun lunchtimes with some of my friends. That’s all to report on that front! Well, Friday was a bit different. Our head of year was leaving the school, so at the end of an assembly we had we dedicated that time to him. A cheesy slideshow and awkward gift receiving later, we were all shocked to see that he was…crying? Our head of year is a tough guy. Really scary, pretty intimidating. And looking at him trying to blink away incoming tears as discreetly as possible while still portraying the ‘Mr Tough Guy’ look was quite sad to watch. The hall was full of awwwws. And to be honest I’m quite sad to see him go, as scary as he was he was a great head of year. He did say he’d be coming back to see everyone in a few years time on GCSE Results Day and our Year 11 Prom, so that’s good I guess. 

So after that, our school day ended, and one of my friends (I think I’ve given her names in the past on this blog, but I can’t find them, so let’s call her….Cassandra, because why not?) decided randomly that we should all go to her house, so we did! I had to leave at three sadly, but the time I spent there was fun. I rarely feel comfortable doing normal things like spontaneously going to a friends house, because of those ‘reasons’ I mentioned earlier, but yesterday I actually felt comfortable (for once!) and it was such a nice feeling to have, to feel like a normal teenage girl, even if it only lasted two hours.



Where do I begin? Actually, I’ll begin with bowing down to all the people involved in making such a masterpiece. 

*Proceeds to put laptop down, get up, and bow down*

I’ve only watched two episodes, and I’m HOOKED. I can already say that it’s done the book justice, maybe even go as far to say that it’s better than the book! The show adds something a book can’t you know? It has the right level of everything, the level of suspense is awesome…I don’t even know how to describe this show! Let’s just say I’m enjoying it 100%, and I can’t wait to watch more. If you haven’t already, you have to watch it! As long as you’re ok with the scenes that could trigger some people, give it a watch, you’ll like it. 100%. 

I think that’s it for this life update, that’s all that’s gone on in my life. I know right, so thrilling! I’m hoping my Easter break is fun and eventful, that would be nice. 

So how has everyone been? Anyone else on Easter break? Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why? Anything you want to talk about? I’m here, let’s just have a chat! I’ve missed you all! So excited to blog more…

  –   All The Jazz 



32 thoughts on “Life Update | Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing?

      1. I hope you keep this in mind. You’re such a smart, kind and funny girl. You’re better than them, let me tell you. You’ll see this in a couple of years when you are successful and they’re working at McDonald’s. Nothing wrong with working there, just very though, not well-paid work.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re amazing, I don’t know how much I can thank you. I will try keep this in mind, whenever I’m down I’ll come back and read this again for sure. As for them working McDonald’s, that cracked me up! My brother’s said this so many times to cheer me up, great minds think alike!😊
        Thank you again, I hope you know how amazing you are taking the time to brighten my day. You’re awesome🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I finished 13 reasons why and it just gets better and better with each episode, but it does get sadder as well. Also, Easter! I started Easter holidays…. basically yesterday! Well, actually two days ago if you count the fact that I took Friday off for personal reasons. I’m excited for Easter though! I’m going to visit lots of old friends from my old school, and kinda just…. take a break from the people at my current school. Hhahaha. What are your plans for the Easter holidays??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 13 reasons why is amazing isn’t it? I really need to watch more! You’re easter break sounds fun, enjoy! As for my easter, I’m not doing much, just relaxing, shopping and hanging out with family really!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I love hanging out with family more than the average teen would! Your Easter break sounds nice and relaxing!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I finished ep3 half an hour ago and WOW! I can’t wait until I finish my homework so I can watch more😂
      Thank you, school’s school sadly, I’m just gonna have to get through it!


  2. Ur not irrelevant AT ALL… Don’t worry about those kids, ur amazing! xx 💙
    Ooh, I really want to read and watch 13 reasons why, now! It sounds really good!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back! Glad you’re okay. Seriously, EVERYONE has been talking about Thirteen Reasons Why but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. One of these days when I have more time… Ahh!

    Valerie //

    Liked by 1 person

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