My MBTI Test Results?!

I was curious, so I decided to do this test and write a post about it. My thoughts were literally: ‘Why not?’ 

Hey readers!

I was pretty bored today, so I decided to take one of those personality tests (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator more specifically) that have specific questions that were specially made to find out your personality type, more details about your personality type and who YOU are as a person. I thought I’d share the results with all you wonderful humans. 

I got the personality type…. The Defender (ISFJ-T)! Yay?

  • I got… 17% Extraverted and 83% Introverted in the MIND category.
  • 29% Intuitive and 71% Observant in the ENERGY category.
  • 21% Thinking and 79% Feeling in the NATURE category.
  • 64% Judging and 36% Prospecting in the TACTICS category.
  • And finally, 9% Assertive and 91% Turbulent in the IDENTITY category.

There we go, me written in percentages and categories. The website was pretty cool though, it gave me tonnes of information about my personality type, it was basically telling me about myself. It was surprisingly very accurate. The website gave me weaknesses and strengths that come with my personality type, so I’d thought I should share that with you guys as well!

Weaknesses (Well, some of them.)

  • Humble and shy. We’re often reluctant to say what we really think (Yep!) or present achievements, especially in a competitive environment. This can hinder career progress and cause frustration and disappointment. (Agreed!)
  • Overload themselves. Defenders’ perfectionism combined with their strong sense of duty often pushes them to take on too much work and they have to ensure everything is perfect. This can lead to stress and a lot of anxiety for a Defender, especially if people abuse their good nature. (THAT LAST PART THO)
  • Take many things too personally. Defenders are very sensitive to conflict and criticism, taking critical comments very personally. (It’s kinda like they’re looking into my mind…)
  • Reluctant to change. May be unwilling to try out new things or change their habits, even if it would make sense from a rational perspective. Defenders cannot stand chaos and may feel lost and vulnerable in an unfamiliar, unstructured environment. (Exactly me, sometimes I can handle change, but most of the time I really, really can’t.)
  • Repress their feelings. Defenders are private and somewhat shy – not surprisingly they tend to repress their feelings instead of expressing them in a healthy way. This in turn increases stress levels and can cause frustration down the road. (I’ve been struggling with this even more recently actually, I feel as if I have nobody to talk to.) 

Strengths (The majority of them… because I’m a lazy little dudette.)

  • Very supportive. Defenders are always willing to help other people, sharing their knowledge and experience with other colleagues, classmates or friends. Defenders strive for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgement wherever possible. 
  • Loyal and hardworking. Defenders often get attached emotionally to a specific idea. They will work very hard, always keeping the end goal in sight. 
  • Imaginative and observant. Defenders have their feet planted firmly on the ground but they are also very imaginative, especially if something fascinates or inspres them. They also tend to be very observant, able to pick up the smallest cues, especially when it comes to someone else’s emotional state. (Oh my gosh I talked about this on my blog recently! Mind=blown.)
  • Reliable and patient. (That says it all really, why thank you kind people.)

Anddd there’s so much more I can include!

This website really had it all, it has SO much information about me and my personality type I couldn’t possibly get it all down! It has an overview of the amount of Defenders in the world, how Defenders act in friendships, relationships, work environments, as a parent….and tonnes more! Highly recommend you all taking this test on this specific website:  and find out more about yourself that you even knew…

Thank you all for reading, I’m aware this post is SCREAMING, ‘sponsored, sponsored!’ but I’m not, trust me. Kinda wish I was! I’m just so glad my boredom led me to this website, and wanted to spread the word you know? Let me know what personality type you guys get if you take the test, I’d love to know! 

Have a good morning, afternoon, evening and night wherever you are! 

  –   All The Jazz 



42 thoughts on “My MBTI Test Results?!

  1. I took the test, and I got Mediator.
    31% extraverted, 69% introverted,
    83% intuitve, 17% observant,
    26% thinking and 74% feeling,
    32% judging and 68% prospecting,
    32% assertive and 68% turbulent.
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

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      1. I just took the test. I got Advocate! Everything I’m reading is so true. Having very strong opinions but not sharing them. When personally attacked they fight back irrationally. This website can describe me better than I can!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know! That’s exactly what I thought as I was reading it all! It’s like it was telling me about myself😂 I’m glad you used the website, I wonder if I try the test again in a year or two I’ll still get the same result…? I probably would though, change and me aren’t as close as we should be!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Apparently only 1% of the world has my personality type! Everything is sl interesting, and I just cant believe it. They even know how I want to raise my children?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I could literally relate to specific situations where what they’re saying how I would act happened. I wrote my own blog post about it, but it might not go up for a while because of other blogs, but when it does go up I’m gonna link it back to your blog!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you do! And thank you, it can be upsetting sometimes. But also sometimes I forget that I do have two amazing people to talk to, it’s just when I’m down I feel like I have nobody😔
      It’s so good that you’re open with how you feel, you’ll never really have to deal with the issues that come with keeping emotions quiet! That’s an awesome quality to have!


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