13 Reasons Why | My Thoughts and Theories?!

I just HAD to make a post about this show. HAD TO! Spoilers ahead…duh. 

Hey readers, I’m back finally with a post that isn’t about me and my life. But I guess if I’m not happy I’m not going to make happy content, so after I posted my last post, I took a few days to sort myself out, and I’m feeling better now. I can’t thank you guys enough for the comments you all left me, I thought I was alone but it’s so clear I’m not. So thank you guys, you’re amazing. 

Now, onto the post! (I am going to mention suicide a lot, so if that triggers you, you don’t have to read this post! xx)


13 Reasons Why…if you haven’t heard of this Netflix show that’s DOMINATED everyone’s social media since it released….where have you been?! I finished 13 Reasons Why last week…well I finished watching it for the second time last week. I can’t put into words how much I love this show. It’s amazing. The actors are incredible, every single one of them. Gotta put in a special word for Katherine Langford who plays Hannah Baker. I couldn’t believe 13 Reasons Why is her first job! Like what?? She’s definitely gonna be in high demand now, her performance in 13 Reasons Why was legendary.

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you already know the plot of 13 Reasons Why, and you’ve already seen the show. So I’m not going to explain the plot, I’m sure you’ve heard/read it everywhere. In this post, I’m going to share my theories and thoughts about the show, just gonna be word vomiting everything 13RW basically. So strap in, it’s gonna be wild. (Hopefully). And I’ll say it again, this post is gonna have MAJOR spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the show (more specifically the last few episodes) and you’re planning to, stop reading and save this post for later!



At the end of episode 12, we find out that a 17 year old has a gunshot wound to the head, the scene is in an ambulance, the teen is being rushed to hospital. Then at the end of episode 13, we find out the teen is Alex Standall. Now we could all tell that Alex had the most guilt over Hannah (apart from Clay) and he wanted everyone else on the tapes to stop keeping this secret and tell the truth when it’s needed. That’s all we thought right? That Alex felt guilty. But we didn’t notice how guilty he felt.

Here’s Alex Standall theory number one. Throughout the show, they mention lots of times how to spot the signs of a suicidal teenager. The Bakers wonder how they didn’t spot Hannah’s signs, the school is now telling parents how to spot signs in their own kids, ect. In all the chaos of Hannah’s tapes, the lawsuit, everyone else on the tapes trying to get Clay under control, Justin and Jessica, and the many other mini plot points, we lost sight of Alex. We failed to spot the signs…until it was too late. So if this was intentional (I have a feeling it was) the show wanted to prove how hard it is to spot the signs within the chaos of life. It’s not as easy as it’s portrayed. I remember Hannah saying something in one of the tapes how the scary thing is that ‘it looks like nothing at all’. So when I watched 13 Reasons Why again for the second time, I made sure to pay attention to Alex and his behaviour every time he was on screen. But in life, you don’t get that second chance to see everything again, to change how often you payed attention. If this was intentional, it was a damn good idea. 

Alex Standall theory number two…let’s go. Now, this is the interesting one. At the end of episode 13, we find out Alex shot himself. Or did he? It’s likely he did, his dad is a police officer so he does have access to a gun. But I’m thinking Tyler Down may have been the culprit. Interesting huh? Well, we did see Tyler buying a gun (in episode 12 or 13…not too sure) and we did see him in episode 13 with a bigger stash of guns, ammo, grenades. We see Tyler with the photos of everyone on the tapes, and the pauses in front of Alex’s, then takes it down. Right, so I’m thinking Tyler’s planning to kill everyone on the tapes, to make it look like a suicide. But as for why, I don’t know. And if this is the case and he did shoot Alex…why Alex? Before Tyler takes down Alex’s photo he remembers the time Alex helped him as he was getting harassed by Montgomery. Alex is the only one that hasn’t done anything to wrong Tyler, even Clay has when he took that photo and sent it around. So I doubt Tyler would have shot Alex, and I doubt he’s planning to kill everyone on the tapes. So what’s he going to do with those guns? Stick around to find out. As for Alex, I feel as if he just shot himself. It’s sad, but the likely truth. Does he pull through? I’m praying for a season two. But then again it might not be Alex…


Continuing from the Alex theories, Tyler’s first theory begins. I suggested that I think Tyler’s planning to do something else with all those guns and violent items. Perhaps…a school shooting? Why else would he have so much guns? Tyler has made it clear he hates Liberty, there’s no doubt about it. He hates the popular people in the school, how they think they own everything. Watching 13RW the second time around all Tyler’s comments about his school really came to life. He gets bullied, everyone undermines him, it’s understandable there’s a lot of anger in him. And Hannah killing herself, and releasing those tapes may have been the last push Tyler needed to take action. This is a popular theory, I’ve seen it around a lot. If the people behind 13RW is building up for a school shooting, it could keep with the theme handling serious, tough topics that’s happening a lot in society today. I strongly believe in this theory…I mean what else could it be? It would be awesome if there is a season two and I’m seriously surprised. 


When I thought of this theory I actually got upset. I love Justin, I really want to watch more of him and his story. Plus…come on, he’s easy on the eyes. Sorry, just had to say it. But it’s so darn true. Anyway, his last scene in the show was him walking away from Bryce, after he’s said a few words. I’m desperate to know more. Where does he go? What’s he going to do? Is he going to be ok? Does Jessica every forgive him? (SHE BETTER I LOVE THEM TWO TOGETHER). And I know Justin messed up big time, but when he explained why I felt for him man. I get it dude, I get it. It doesn’t excuse what he did…but I understand it better. Anyway, if Jessica forgives him I’ll be so fricking happy anyone would think I’d won the lottery. Literally. Let Justin’s first theory commence! I doubt this theory is true but I’m including it since I thought of it. In the ambulance, we don’t see much at all of the 17 year old with the gunshot wound to the head. But if you look close enough, focus long enough…you kinda see dark brown hair. Alex doesn’t have dark brown hair. But guess who does, and guess who also had a gun from when he took it from his mum’s house as he was frantically packing….JUSTIN. Now, it’s a possibility, but I doubt it for so many reasons. Ok I know Justin said to Jessica he considered killing himself, but I dunno….I just really doubt it. He didn’t seem like a person that was about to try to kill themselves. If anything in the last scene we saw him in he looked ready…determined. I dunno…he just wouldn’t. And I strongly believe that the people behind 13RW wouldn’t kill of Justin. His story isn’t over yet. 


If There’s A Season Two…

I really think someday there will be a season two. They left so many cliffhangers, so many plots to continue from. There’s gonna be a season two, I feel it! Here’s what I think season two will be like and what I’m hoping will be answered. 

The main plot point of season two would be more likely Tyler and the school shooting plot. If that’s actually a thing. 

We’ll find out about Jessica, how she’s surviving and what’s gonna happen to Bryce, since she told her Dad about what happened in episode 13. 

We’ll find out what Mr Porter does with the tapes, his reactions after listening to them.

We’ll find out what happens to Justin, how he’s coping. Will he get in trouble for not stopping Bryce at the party? Will Jessica ever speak to him again?

The atmosphere at school, how much has Liberty been affected by the chaos the trial and Hannah’s tapes being out in the open?

Everyone else on the tapes…how are they?

Does Alex pull through?

How are the Bakers after listening to Hannah’s tapes? What are they going to do to them?

How would they include Hannah? Would there still be flashbacks? Or will Katherine Langford no longer be needed? After all Hannah’s story is over, season two would be more about the effect her story has caused. The butterfly effect…

Bryce knows about the tapes, what’s he going to do? Will he pay for what he’s done to Jessica, Hannah, and probably even more girls at Liberty?

Clay, Tony, Skye…how are they?

Whoa…that was a lot. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I just want to finish this post by commending 13 Reasons Why again. I know it’s a show, it’s meant to entertain, but it did so much more than that. And that’s how you know you’ve done something special. I can’t say it more how much of an important show it is. It’s hands down my favourite show of all time. As for the protests that it’s glamorising suicide…did you watch the last episode where Hannah killed herself? What was glamorous about that? It was dreadful and heartbreaking and just awful to watch. I had to look away many times. And then there’s some saying it’s too distressing, and promoting suicide, traumatizing and triggering people. I can understand that, there were warnings at the start of episode 12 and 13 because those had the triggering scenes. It needed to be done in that amount of detail, because it needs to be shown that suicide isn’t peaceful or painless. It’s scary and painful. It needed to be seen for awareness, as hard and upsetting as it is.


Man I’ve talked a lot, highest my wordcount has every reached! But thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Let’s talk 13 Reasons Why, anything you have to say…say it! Don’t be scared to share your opinion, we all have one! And remember, suicide is never an option. Keep fighting, we love you, and I’m here for ANYONE who needs it. I seriously mean that. Stay awesome friends, see you when I see you. 

(Reached 1933 words…wow, new record!)

  –   All The Jazz 


49 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why | My Thoughts and Theories?!

  1. I didn’t read the full post. I only read the Alex part but seems like the plot of the show is a bit different from the book. Ughh I am always late to any trend… I should catch up soon…

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  2. I’m going to stop reading so I don’t spoil anything but I’ve read and heard so much about this show! I’m going to start watching today actually. I’m convinced

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ahh I loved this show, even though it was so difficult to watch at parts. I felt so bad for Clay and tbh most of the characters though obviously not Bryce. I think a season 2 should definitely be made to solve the cliffhangers but at the same time, could it really live up to the first one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah same, the last two episodes were the most difficult for me to watch. And yeah I felt bad for Clay as well, and I felt quite bad for Justin actually. And obviously not Bryce, hate him with everything I’ve got. But I feel sorry for the actor that plays Bryce, I’ve heard he’s been getting a lot of hate because he portrayed Bryce…people got to separate the actor from the character!
      And yeah, it’s gonna be pretty hard for season two to live up to season one. I think the main reason that’ll stop them from making a season two would be that really, but hopefully they go for it and you never know, it might be as good or even better!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, especially for all the stuff Justin was dealing with at home. and aw yeah that’s so unfair. that’s the problem with playing a bad character – people see that person as bad themselves when really they do have to remember it’s only a role, like you said.
        and true! I hope they at least attempt it because it could be really good! And I definitely want to know what happened with Alex and all that

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  4. 13 Reasons Why was truly something. It got everyones attention. Someone that really stood out to me (because I’d seen it happen before to people I know) is when the school doesn’t do anything, repeatedly. That happened to a YouTuber I watch and even happened to one of my best friends.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! She was basically calling out for help.. and they did nothing? The teachers did nothing, the councillor did nothing… it was so sad to watch. Especially when that happened to people I know. It really hits home with the painful truth of Hannah Baker’s story.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah. She ended up moving schools because of how bad the teachers and the school reacted when she was getting bullied. After they knew she had a history with depression. They literally didn’t care.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw well I’m happy she’s moved to a better school, but I hope the school she was in before gets it act together. Otherwise what’s going to happen to the next kid who needs their help and doesn’t get it?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah. The school she left is going downhill real fast. They care more about uniform then grades, and loads of people are just leaving and going to the public school. So, I mean, theres always a chance that it could change, but there are a million things wrong with that school. I used to go there, like two years ago, but then I moved to the city, and it basically got bad shortly after I left.

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      5. Yeah. Same. Another one of my friends left, and she actually moved to a grammar school? And they’re probably gonna move her little sister, because the stuff the priest of whatever says is so so creepy. PS. her little sister is like… eight.

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    1. Oh yeah, totally forgot about Skye. If there is a season two they’d probably focus on her story, and her relationship with Clay developing. Season two would give the actor who plays Skye more screen time I’m hoping

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  5. Oh my gosh. I am so emotionally attached to the show, I watched it on my spring break and I LOVED IT. I’ll never understand the people who say it glamorizes suicide it definitely does not do that, it brings more attention to it which is something we definitely need. I hope that this show is bringing more awareness because the stigma really has to be obliterated. But as you said I loved everyone’s acting the cast was just so well thought out and it was such a heartbreaking story but so real at the same time.

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    1. Same here, I’m more attached than I should be reallyπŸ˜‚
      And I know! I still don’t understand what was so ‘glamorous’ about those scenes. It does bring attention and awareness and I agree, it’s something we need.
      The cast were amazing weren’t they? They did an amazing job at portraying the story and all those serious themes

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I couldn’t watch the scene of Hannah’s suicide. I mean I was curious to how she died and if they would put the scene showing you how she did it, but I didn’t know they would make it so raw. How is that glamorized?
        Honestly the cast deserves all the awards. I never once thought wow that was such bad acting. I think the reason I love this show so much is because the cast is amazinggg

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      2. I struggled with that scene too, I had a look away several times because it was just awful.
        And I know! If they actors were any different, I probably wouldn’t love the show as much as I do! Plus they’re all such kind people in life, kinda went on a social media stalking session of most of the castπŸ˜‚

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      3. But I feel like the show wouldn’t be the same without the scene.
        Oh my gosh I need to do that though! Lol I’ve only seen a couple of interviews of the cast and I only know a few of their names but I need to start my stalking game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  6. Okay so after the comment I went on Netflix and watched the whole show.. I literally could not stop! I finished around 11 PM. They did a really good job with this one. I felt so many emotions and could even relate to a lot. Alex, I kind of already felt like he might harm himself after the scene he feel In the pool, driving 90mph, and ofc because of how guilty he felt about the list. The same with Justin, I could see him spiraling out and I know he had a lot of guilt over what happened to Jessica. It’s terrible what happened with that situation and her not knowing. I know it was hard for Justin but he could have stopped it, he was scared and drunk yeah but trying to hide that from her was not the way to protect her. I know this is horrible too but Hannah witnessing it was probably a good thing other wise it may have never came out. Deep down I feel like Jessica knew it was the truth, and that’s why she went to Bryce’s, sat on his lap in front of Justin and when they went out she kept shouting “tell me why you care!” Practically yelling “Tell me the truth” and then poor Hannah having to go through it also. Smh Bryce just seemed like what he did was a normal thing. I also want to talk about Jeff. I was so sad for his character but I had a feeling it was coming even though he wasn’t really drunk. There was a part where Hannah says Jeff is around any time her and Clay got together. I think she felt responsible for that even though she called for help. I think she was hurt that she was probably involved in the death of the person that always tried to keep her and Clay together somehow. Mr. Porters character seemed bothered and uncomfortable the whole show, and then we find out he’s #13 I too wonder what’s going to happen in season 2, they have to have a season 2 because it didn’t end proper, with all those cliffhangers like you said. They can’t end it like that, that would be a downfall to the show I believe. To have a great show and a shitty end. I think like you said it will be focused on the butterfly effect but they still may show flashbacks of the other characters and involve Hannah, Clay might have a few nightmares showing her, and the tapes will still be involved as they have a confession now added.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa you finished it quicker than I did! Yep they really did an amazing job. And crazy enough, even when Alex was doing all those crazy things I didn’t even think he could be becoming suicidal. I only noticed the second time around, I think I got caught up in the craziness of the show…I have no idea really! And as for Justin, I know it’s likely he’s suicidal, he’s had a lot of bad things happening to him, and unlike Alex I definitely noticed when he started to spiral out of control. I agree he could of stopped it, but like you said he was drunk and scared, and plus that explaination he tried to give Jessica about Bryce and him always helping him out and giving him things his mum didn’t, I understood that so much. He was just scared to lose the hugest support system in his life, Bryce and Jessica too, since it’s obvious he really lives her. And as for Hannah witnessing it all, she didn’t tell anyone either (until the tapes) and it’s a shame Justin’s getting all the blame for keeping quiet. Justin had a few reasons, Hannah didn’t really. But at least she let the truth out in the tapes.
      And I agree, Jessica knew deep down what Bryce did, and the ‘tell me why you care!’ scene was breaking point, and perhaps she just wanted to hear it from Justin before she believed it. And ugh yeah, Bryce is horrible.
      Aw Jeff man. #JeffDeservedBetter. I hate how everyone believed he was driving drunk. And yeah Hannah definitely felt responsible and guilty. Guilty because she was too late to get the knocked down stop sign reported and that resulted in Jeff’s death. I feel like Mr Porter is going to feel guilty for a really long time about Hannah, he knows he made a mistake and I know he’s never gonna forget that, he failed horribly as a councillor but he’s a good person. I’m excited for season two and what they do with his character, and every other character really. And I know right, they can’t just end it like that, I’m 90% sure there will be a season two someday. That’s true, the only way they’ll include Hannah would probably be flashbacks and nightmares, there’s no other way to include her really. Well unless they think of something awesome, those TV and film creators always think of stuff we’d never be able to!

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      1. Yeah I was so hooked I couldn’t wait another day to finish it all. I’m glad it was only 1 season I needed to catch up on lol. And I definitely agree when you look at it that way, I didn’t see Justin as a horrible person, just that he made a bad decision and for a long time. They all made bad decisions really, including Hannah.

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