Life Begins At 16?

I mean, it’s kinda true right?

Hey everyone!

This post is gonna be a rather chatty one. Well, most of my posts are quite chatty aren’t they? 

This post was inspired by something I tweeted, (my twitter will be linked at the bottom of this post…#NotAPromo #KindaAPromo #SorryNotSorry) that went along the lines of:

I can’t wait until I’m sixteen! I feel like that’s the perfect age to…exist?

And…isn’t it? For me, sixteen is the age where your life becomes more actionpacked, you start to have more of a purpose than just going to school, coming home. You can make more of your own choices, you can work, you can learn how to drive…it’s the age of freedom! The perfect balance of young and old. 

I’m just excited to reach that age, for so many reasons. For one I’d hopefully have my own money to buy things for me, hopefully I’ll learn how to drive and have my own car as soon as I can, hopefully I can travel and do exciting things out and about. 

Because right now, at the tender age of 14, I feel stuck. I don’t really know who I am, what my purpose is, what I want to do in life, even my clothing style! Oh, and don’t get me started with makeup. I’m a lost cause, a small human with no direction, no ambition, no adventure in life. And hopefully, hopefully, once I’m sixteen I’ll have those things. 

Also, at sixteen I would have left my secondary school in June (is it June or early July?) after GCSE’s. I would have finally escaped my horrid school, and moved on (hopefully with amazing GCSE results) to sixth form to do my A-Levels! I can’t wait for that fresh start in a new environment since it’s very likely I’ll be going to a new sixth form college near me. I can reinvent myself there, make new friends that are more like me and oh man I can’t wait. Honestly. 

But most of all, I want sixteen year old me to be happy. Happy with my own life. Referring to this post, I’m hoping all of that would be sorted with so I could live my life without restrictions. God I’d be one happy person if all that was sorted! Wouldn’t be able to describe my happiness if that happened. When that happens. When. Gotta have hope!

So, for me as a 14 year old, I believe life begins at 16. I have high hopes! As for all you sixteen, or even 17 year olds out there, does life begin at that age? Do you agree with me? And as for all my fellow 14 year olds (and 15 year olds!), are you excited to hit sweet sixteen? See! Turning 16 is so special it has it’s own name! 

I hope you enjoyed that little post, I’ve been writing quite chunky posts lately and it was nice to write a cute little post for you all. As I’m writing this, it’s the day before I go back to school and I’m dreading it immensely. The soul crushing moment where I turn all my horrifyingly early alarms back on…I can literally feel the happiness draining out of me! Goodbye lie-ins, goodbye daytime TV, goodbye binge watching sessions….

I’m calm. I’m calm. 

A message to everyone going back to school: GOOD LUCK, it’ll be over soon! Oh and I think mock exams are happening soon, for GCSE and A-Levels? If so, another special GOOD LUCK and I’m sending strength your way. You can do it! 

Until the next post!

  –   All The Jazz 



69 thoughts on “Life Begins At 16?

    1. That’s very true. I also feel as if 16 and 17 is the age people finally start treating you like someone who can take care of themselves, I mean you’ll still need guidance, you need guidance at any age really, but it’s kinda the age where everyone goes ‘hey, you have a mind of your own!’ 😂

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  1. 😂 I absolutely love this post! I’m 16 and I agree that’s when your life properly begins. It’s the age where you get to be you and explore the world and make choices and become the person you want to be in the future. BUT in saying that I do believe 16 has sooooooo much responsibility because it’s the transition from a teenager to a young adult. 16 is a lovely age because you’re in the borderline between teenager and young adult so you can still mess around and have responsiblities I guess 😂 but I would say enjoy being 14 and 15 whilst it lasts!

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    1. Aw thank you! And yay you agree with me!
      Whoa, I completely forgot about the downsides of being 16. Responsibilities kinda grow from 0-100 real quick don’t they? It is the borderline between teenager and young adult like you said, so everything’s kinda gonna be a mix of adult life and teenager life?
      Lol I’ll try, but 14 is such a boring age😭😂

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      1. You’re responsibilities are on another level it’s insane and yeahh it’s totally going to be a mix up of teenager and adult that sometimes you don’t know what decisions to make. 😂😂 14 was a boring year to be honest…because I don’t even remember it!😶😶 my favourite year is 15/16 15 because you’re just about to leave school so you MUST make the most of it…I challeneged myself and did thing I would have never thought of doing…and I’m a summer babby so I turned 16 in August and then after that was college so there’s so much to look forward to!

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      2. That’s one reason why I can’t wait to be 16…because I get to leave school! I hate my school with a passion, I mean I like learning (most of the time lol) but my school is the worst. When I finally leave I’m not looking back, and I’ll finally get the chance to tell a few people what I think of them!😂 Plus the summer holidays starts in June when it’s your last year don’t you?

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      3. Don’t worry I haattedd my school and haven’t looked back since leaving is the best part if you don’t like your school but you miss the environment. Our summer holidays in year 11 started in June it was like 12 weeks summer holiday and was the best!

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  2. I think we all grow at different times, for some it happens when they’re 16 and for others, it takes a little longer. I’m 17 and I’m still discovering who I am as a person. I’m hoping when I turn 18 my life will begin. I’ll finally be free from A-Levels and I have a whole summer to be who I want to be. ❤

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    1. That’s true. I didn’t really stop to think that not everyone is going to magically know themselves once they turn 16! I’m just really really hoping I do, or have more of an idea. Hopefully when you’re 18 your life will begin🙂💞

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      1. For me it’s the opposite right now, year 9 is just….there! There’s not much to being in year 9 at all. But I bet I’m gonna regret saying this next year because of the stress of exams😂


  3. I’m 16 and I don’t think I’m free to work or have a driver’s license since the legal age in our country is 18. But I agree that life begins at 16 because that’s where you develop yourself and make your own decisions. Great post x

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  4. It’s kinda like about that age but since I was 7. I just totally let it all out. I’m crazy wacko. My childhood is lit. Hahah. Just enjoy the moment. But it kinda does start at 16 hahahahha have all the fun in the world!!

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  5. Well hey, I just realized that I’m 11 years older than you which has given me a slight shock XD
    For me, personally, life didn’t really get going till I was 20. That’s when I felt more confident and finally figured out what I wanted to do in life. I was still happy before then, but still unsure about my future. Everyone figures it out in their own time, there’s no rush. I do hope your future 16 year old self is happy too 🙂 (and current 14 year old you)

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    1. A good shock?😂 People usually say the way I write makes me sound a few years older than I am…
      I suppose 20 is as much of a important age as 16 and 18 are! Because it’s when you’re officially announced adult I guess, and the teenage era of your life is officially gone, which could be quite sad yet awesome for most people! And that’s true, everyone figures it out in their own time, everyone has a age they can’t wait to be.
      I hope my future 16 year old is happy as well, happy and healthy! Current me needs to work on those two😂

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      1. NAPLAN is a government test that is made to assess all the schools across Australia, and is used to rank them. You have to do it in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Your results don’t impact you at all, as they are looking at the school. But this year they changed it so that if you don’t get at least Band 8 in the Literacy section in Year 9 (they assess you on Literacy and Mathematics), you can’t do your HSC (Higher School Certificate) in Years 11 and 12.

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      2. Hahahahah. Oh well. School is stressful. I asked to drop maths classes because I’m in top and we actually do a harder course to everyone else, and I struggled and it stressed me out, and they never got back to me. But now, I dont want to move because even though I’m struggling I just want to work way harder so I can try out for the Selective school down the road.

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      3. Aw man that really sucks. I hope you do manage to get into the school you want, but I wish it wasn’t stressing you out so much! Maths sucks, and it’s the only subject they seen time have higher/harder courses for😔

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  6. As a 17-year-old, ugh I feel a little old lol, I would say that there is no specific age where it feels like life begins. To be honest, sometimes it feels like life begins in some moments and then other times it feels like life hasn’t started. Maybe 16 will be the year for you, maybe it won’t. But as a 17-year-old, I say this to you sincerely, don’t grow up too fast. Don’t focus your young years on growing up, you’re gonna miss life. Enjoy these years while you still got them 🙂

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    1. That’s one thing I’ve noticed from making this post, the age that life begins is different for everyone! I hope 16 is the year for me, and if not, that’s ok too. I’ll try, trying not to grow up fast is so hard these days, but I’ll try. That’s all you can do right?🙂

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  7. Life begins right now kiddo! Driving and makeup can wait until you are 16 😜 But the other stuff, do it now! Dont wait. Go on that adventure! Life begins everyday you wake up . Make the most of it.

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  8. You are very mature far beyond your years✨ I wish at 14 I had my mind set like this and was this confident, having my own blog etc. You’re in the right path! I can imagine how much wiser you will be. For me, I feel like I’ve always been more mature than most my age and I’ve always been more conscious and observing but the 20s was really when life hit. In all different directions. I’m 23. I thought I knew a lot at 16 but I know so much more now. As you will. Many say your 30s is when you truly live life and know yourself. We’ll see.
    Also I’ve nominated you for an award✨ of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want or don’t have time.

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    1. Aw thank you so much!🙂 And yeah, becoming 20 is quite important too, I gotta remember everyone’s age that they discover themselves can be different! I agree, we’ll see. Just gotta wait until it happens!
      And thank you, i really appreciate it😄Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do it if not I’m so sorry

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  9. My darling, I am a 30 something-year-old reading this and I was shocked when you said you are 14. You write very well! I will leave my motherly advice at the door for this post, lol! All I have to say is honey you are quite intelligent.Take everything one step at a time. Keep writing!

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  10. Hey, thanks for the follow! Great post, by the way. I’ve got to agree with you about sixteen. 😄 I always feel like I’m not living until my birthday comes this summer … after which life magically starts?! Makes no sense, but there ’tis.

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  11. What I want to say, enjoy being 14. This is nothing against you. 🙂 I am 16 years and I am doing fine as a 16 years old but responsibilities gets heavier and heavier as time passes by. As we are still both in teenagers years, let us not rush and still know our limitations. May we get to know ourselves as teen and grow as persons. 🙂

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  12. I’m 17 and sometimes I still feel stuck. There are times I cannot go out with my friends because I really have a strict mom. I’m also from Philippines at alam mo naman kung gaano ka strict ang ibang parents. Hahahaha. Just enjoy while you are young. Sometimes, I wish to be 14 again. I enjoyed reading this.

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