Looks Like I’ve Bought Some Stuff!

I never thought this day would come! *eyes water with tears* *wipes them away dramatically*. I would like to thank several people for making this dream come true…

When the sarcasm levels hit extreme levels huh?

What’s up readers? How are you? I hope you’re all doing fantastically well!

I was sitting around one day, and I realised ‘Oh, I’ve bought quite a decent amount of stuff! And I guess this means I’ve found…A BLOG POST IDEA!!’ 

So here it is, enjoy! 

Untitled design

Nike White Trainers | Nike

I was so happy when I found these! Here’s the story of how, because, why not? There’s a Nike Outlet store near us (basically where they take shoes and other Nike products no longer needed in store for whatever reason) and we love going there sometimes because all the shoes are in pretty good condition, as good as they are in the normal Nike stores. So we had a little browse around. It’s such an awesome feeling when you find shoes you like, in your size! And that’s exactly what happened to me! So now I have these basic white Nike trainers, with a black Nike ‘swoosh’ on the sides and ‘Nike’ written on the back. It goes with everything, and I’ve been living in them. 

Rock Band Oversized Jumper | MissGuided

My Mum actually got this for me! Her new favourite store is Miss Guided, she’s been ordering off it like crazy. And when her order arrived and she gave me this jumper I was pretty shocked. I hardly get new clothing lol. Anyway, when I tried it on it was legendary. It was so softttt. I wore it out when we went to watch Fast and Furious 8 in the cinemas on Tuesday 18th and I swear it was the comfiest I’ve ever felt watching a movie in the cinema. (THE FILM WAS AMAZING BTW, FULL OF ACTION AND CARS AND EXPLOSIONS!! PERFECTION).

Kiko Nail Polish + Top Coat | Kiko Makeup

I bought these the same day we watched Fast and Furious 8! My mum and I decided to check Kiko out since we always walk past their store but we never go in, we thought it was about time. They have an amazing selection of nail polishes, and I picked out a grand total of 5! Yay! And guess what, I saw a dark blue that was VERY similar to the blue nail polish Hannah Baker used in 13 Reasons Why to put on the numbers on that were on the tapes and wore herself. The urge to get that colour was real. So I did, in honour of Hannah. Don’t judge me!! Anyway, I also got a bright pink, a sparkly light gold, a clear neutral, and the top coat. Acting like a teenager for once in my odd little life huh?

Pink Ring Binder, plastic folders, more school stuff | Bunch Of Places Really LOL. 

Yeah, I needed a mini top up of school supplies. And I needed the ring binder because in English we’re ditching the exercise books to put our work in folders for it’s easier for when we come to revise since at my school we start covering GCSE English (right now English Lit) and Maths early because of the new GCSE system. Ugh. 

Eyebrow sculpture, little pot of concealer, mascara | Kiko Makeup.

Yeah, I still can’t believe it as well. I’ve got my own makeup?! I thought this day would never come. I talked about my shock in further detail in this post, feel free to read my extreme reaction!

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken | Waterstones. 

Am I excited or am I excited? I think we’ve established my excited, but I have to hold on to that excitement for a bit longer since the book’s not actually in my possession yet…I have to wait 9 days because it was out of stock! Nooooo!

Untitled design

And that’s it for the first mini haul on my blog! Yep, there are no cute pictures. Who knows, I might add them later and this part won’t make any sense at all! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this little post. I really want to go on a shopping spree in Primark one day, they have amazing stuff for such cheap prices…it’s a student’s dream really! And if I do, should I do a haul on here? If I do I won’t be lazy and I’ll actually take photos, promise!

Have a lovely day everyone!

  –   All The Jazz 




33 thoughts on “Looks Like I’ve Bought Some Stuff!

  1. English lit is my favourite, if you needed any help ever I’m doing the AQA exam next year & I’d be happy! You should probably find out your books you need to read for lit and do it over the summer & start learning quotes, it seems like loads but it will help so much as we have to remember them for assessments and the actual exam x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Right now for English literature we are going poems from the AQA English literature anthology, and our teacher is really hardcore when it comes to GCSE, she’s already said she’s gonna set us homework to do that over the summer instead of giving us the choice!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’ve just finished every single poem from the power and conflict section of the AQA anthology. My teacher teaches it to a level standard, I’m in set 1 and it’s really hardcore haah😂it’s my favourite subject though, and if you ever need help with annotations I have an entire book full😂❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We started the power and conflict section before Easter! We’ve almost finished doing Exposure by Wilfred Owen. Same here, I’m in set one so she always pushes us to work at a high standard! Aw yes thank you! That would be amazing whenever I start to struggle😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you believe it? 13 Reasons Why got band in my school!! They sent out a notification to parents telling them to stop their kids from watching it!!!


  3. Oversized jumpers are my absolute FAVOURITE. *nods* Argh, I understand you on the ring binders — this year we completely replaced all our books with ring binders for GCSE and I just CAN’T FIT THEM ALL IN MY BAG. I’m a bit worried I’m going to get back problems, yikes. I also recently bought some fun stationery/revision supplies so that I can make revision a tiny bit more enjoyable. Hopefully…?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, oversized jumpers are the BEST!! And cool, I assumed my school were the only ones ditching the books? So far we’ve only stopped using books for English, I can’t believe you had to stop using all books for all subjects! The struggle must be real😔 Perhaps you could ask some classes if you could leave your binder there whenever your bag is full? Oooo new stationary! I love getting new stationary, you should see me going back to school stationary shopping😂😂Fingers crossed they make revision slightly more bareable, go crazy with the colours!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was so proud of myself as well, you should have seen me when I was walking out of that store! I looked exactly like a person who did something they’re really happy with and wants to brag about it but tries and fails to hold it in😂 And I’m happy to announce I’ve actually been using them!🎉

      Liked by 1 person

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