18/05/2017 – The Day My World Turned Upside Down

Quite a serious post guys, I didn’t think I’d have to write anything like it…

Hey everyone, welcome back 🙂

I had an experience recently, a horrible, scary experience that I wasn’t in a million years expecting. I wanted to share that with you, and share what I’ve learnt from it. This isn’t going to be the happiest post in the world, but then again this wasn’t a very happy event. 

So, let’s go from the beginning. 

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It was Thursday 18th. I didn’t go to school that day, my brother had gotten back from school half an hour ago. We were waiting for my mum to get home, she’d called me a while ago telling me that she was on her way. She gossiped about work, we had a nice chat. 

Then, at around 4:20 pm – 4:30 pm, I got a call from my mum again. So I picked up, answered ‘hey mum’, expecting to hear her respond. 

But it wasn’t her. 

I don’t accurately remember this conversation, but it went pretty similar to this:

‘Hello, is this Jazz?’ A woman says, not my mum’s voice, yet she’s calling from my mum’s phone. And she did say my real name, obviously. 

‘Yes.’ I say simply, confused. 

‘Hi, Jazz. My name is Laura I’m a nurse, my mum asked me to call you. She’s been in an accident, she’s fine she’s just hurt her back badly. I’m looking after her, the ambulance is on its way to take her to hospital.’

I froze, my heart sunk. Instantly all I felt was fear and shock. As for what I said next and what Laura said next, I can’t really remember. She reassured me, as I heard my mum screaming out in pain in the background, and eventually hung up. Then I told my brother. 

We were both in shock, we were both so scared. What do you think when you hear back injury? Especially after you hear your mother crying out in pain, and that she can’t move. 

I broke down then. My brother calmed me down. Then I wiped my tears and jumped into action. Pulled socks on, grabbed my coat, money, put trainers on. Told my brother to do the same. My plan was to go to the hospital. I called a trusted friend, asked if he was with her dad and if she could pick my brother and I up. She couldn’t but she’d prove to be very supportive as you’ll find out later. 

After we’d hung up, I got a call from mum, well Laura. I gave the phone to my brother this time, and he found out her the accident took place. It was actually really close to my house. And we found out that they were still waiting for an ambulance. The phone was on speaker now since Laura told us that mum wanted to speak to us. You could hear the pain in her voice, she was crying…it was awful. That set me off again, and my brother started crying as well. Mum told my brother to go to her and told me to stay away. Which didn’t make sense to me, I was the older one. So that scared me even more – why didn’t she want me to see her?

My brother went, and I sat down on the steps and cried. All I kept thinking about what was ‘what if this…’ ‘what if that…’ I was SO scared. 

Time passed, I decided to call mum’s phone again. My brother was the one who answered. He told me it was ok, that mum was fine it was all ok. So I wanted to go and see her, but he was against that as well. So I sat at home, feeling useless. But I had more hope, my brother said she was ok, his voice sounded believable. 

Time passed again. Mum was calling me. But then again I didn’t think it was going to be her when I picked up. But it was! 

She sounded ok, and that was enough to bring me to tears. Happy tears! Finally, shed some happy tears in my life! I told her how much she scared me, how scared we both were. She made a few jokes, you could still slightly hear the pain in her voice but it was better than before, but I laughed like a mad child at the jokes because I was so full of relief. 

After that phone call, I allowed myself to get out of action mode. I took off my shoes, coat and put the money away. Then that friend I mentioned before called back. She was so concerned, really concerned. And it made me feel so lucky to have her as a friend. All my friends (apart from one butttt we won’t mention her) were amazing when I told them. The friend that called and I couldn’t talk much because my brother came back, and I had lots of questions for him. 

The good news was that the ambulance finally came, the police were at the scene, and he was positive that mum wasn’t injured fatally. 

Those crazy hours came to a slow end. I made dinner because mum would have wanted us to eat, I caught up on my Australian dramas I love, but with everything I did, I kept my phone close by. My brother told me that Laura was a nurse, but she wasn’t working at the time! She just happened to be on the same bus but didn’t get hurt, so she threw on her cape and started to save the day. So Laura’s awesome, I need to thank her somehow. 

I called my mum at around 6:30 pm. She was in so much pain, crying again. She told me that she’ll call me back because she can’t really talk now. That freaked me out again, I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen to distract myself. 

I tried again at 7:00 pm. It kept going to voicemail until 7:40 pm when she finally picked up! 

It was such a relief, such a relief. She told us she’s waiting for results from an x-ray, and she’s most certainly coming home today. The joy I felt was immense. 

She came home at around 8:30 pm. She’s really hurt her lower back, but she’s on hardcore painkillers AND she has the determination of fricking Martin Luther King Jr, so she’s gonna make it through! It’s gonna take time, but she’ll be fine. 

She wants to sue. Like really badly. And I don’t blame her! One of the first things she said when she got home was: ‘I’m gonna sue!’ which says it all! 

I know you’re all wondering, what was the accident anyway? Well, my mum and several others were on a bus, a single decker. The bus wasn’t packed because it was at the point of its journey that everyone had reached their destination. The driver was shit all the way through the journey, speeding like crazy. A guy was pulling out and he didn’t see, and he broke really hard. It scared passengers, my mum said people were yelling in outrage. But that wasn’t the one that caused the accident. 

My mum had just pressed the bell, she and a few others were standing up, holding onto the rails, ready to get off. This driver was speeding like a madman down a HILL, obviously losing control. A woman and her child were crossing the road and he didn’t notice in time, causing him to SLAM down on the brakes hard. Like really hard. Passengers went flying, my mum flew into the side hard and fell, an old man fell to the ground hard and a lady hit her head on the bars. 

So that’s how it happened. I’m pretty positive that the driver is gonna lose his job, and I’m sure Mum will get some compensation for sure. 

Now. What happened on Thursday was an eye opener for me. A real eye opener. I know I didn’t convey the fear, the chaos of that day well in that post, but can you really? You have no idea how that situation feels until you’re IN that situation. One phone call can change everything. What happened could have had such a different outcome, an outcome I don’t even want to think about. It made me think of this, a typical response, but life truly is precious. You have NO IDEA what’s gonna happen next. So don’t waste time hating others close to you, don’t waste time holding a grudge. Because in that week I was so mad at my Mum throughout, and it could have been my last week with her in my life. But I’m SO THANKFUL it wasn’t. We had a close call as a family, and it’s affected me more than I’d let on. But that’s all it was thankfully, a close call. 

That experience also made me notice how….disconnected I am from my family. I don’t know 99% of them, the 1% I do know I barely talk to, I don’t have many numbers of people I trust and my Mum trusts to call in situations like that…my brother and I were flying solo in such a scary situation. And that was one of the really terrifying parts of it all. 

Everyday before she leaves the house, I’m going to not be a lazy idiot and I’ll get up and say bye. I’ll give her a hug everytime and tell her to have a good day. I won’t end a conversation on a bad note, I’ll appreciate the little things she does. I’ll welcome her when she gets back from work, ask her how her day has been. I’ll say goodnight to her before bed instead of just going to bed, I’ll tell her I love her more often. 

And I encourage you all to do the same. To anyone in your family, not just your mum. Not even just your family….friends too! Because you never know what could happen next. You never know when that time is the last time. 

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Well, that’s the end of today’s post. It’s Sunday as I’m writing this, my Mum recovering. She’s in the ‘it’s worse before it’s better stage’, yesterday I had to help her stand up. But she’s getting there. And LOVING the attention! It’s good though. I got my baking skills out after years in hiding and made her a banana cake because she prefers the one I make than ones in stores. And I’ve been cooking, cleaning all weekend! And the best daughter award goes to…. Thank you for reading, and I apologise because this post probably wasn’t well written. 

And the best daughter award goes to…. 

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I apologise because this post probably wasn’t well written. My writing skills go out the window when I’m talking about something sad and/or meaningful. 

(PS: she’s doing what she soooo shouldn’t be and mopping the bathroom floor. She stops for NO ONE! I aspire to be that head-strong and stubborn in life….but that’ll never happen lol)

I’ll see you guys next time, with a post about another experience, but a much happier one. 

  –   All The Jazz 




88 thoughts on “18/05/2017 – The Day My World Turned Upside Down

  1. That’s so horrible – glad to hear your mum is on the mend and that she’ll pull through! What a horrible bus driver. Similar happened to me with my Dad literally this time last year, he was rushed into hospital when his gallbladder burst and he almost got septicaemia and it was very touch and go. It was so scary for my brother and I, and being the older one it’s hard to keep composed in these situations; sounds like you did a really great job and your brother sounds like an amazing boy! My brother has special/educational needs so it was tricky to try explain what was going on properly to him and so that he could understand. You did a great job, this was a really great post and you conveyed just how scared you were amazingly – I feel ya!❤️✨👏🏻

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I know, that guy was awful at his job. I really do hope he gets fired, if you were driving a car and you were speeding there would be consequences, so why not when you’re a bus driver? Aw that’s horrible that a similar thing happened to you, I’m so happy he pulled through and recovered though! I relate, it’s so hard to keep composed in that situation, time went so quickly yet slowly at the same time. Haha yeah he was great, it was odd to see actually!
      Thank you, I’m glad! I was worried this post just ended up being a bunch of words that made sense but didn’t😂

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  2. That’s must have been such a horrible experience-im so glad to hear your mum’s healing. That bus driver should never have been trusted to drive in the first place. I nearly lost my mum when I was younger,but she was unwell for years ,we were secretly prepared for the worst so I don’t know how I would have felt if something had happened out of the blue. I agree with everything you have said about never knowing what will happen next. You were very brave to write about this! Stay strong 😊💗

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you❤ And I know, I honestly can’t believe it. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that Elsie, I’m so happy she managed to pull though, that’s amazing🙂 Thank you again, I’ve just been getting by, that’s all I can do!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my god! I felt angry just reading about that awful bus driver, so I can’t even imagine how you and your mum must have been! I hope your mum recovers well too – I would never know what to do in a situation like that! 💗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, I was so angry, I didn’t have any words. She’s got in contact with lawyers, they’re saying she has a good case to sue which is good🙂 Me too, she’s getting slightly better by the day, it’s kinda like a two steps forward and one step back type of thing. And yeah, I used to think the same thing before it all happened, I guess you never know until it happens

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep! She had a long talk with them in the afternoon, things are getting set into motion which is good yet odd, I’d never thought we’d be suing someone! Then again, I’d never thought my mum would be in an accident. Ughhh life am I right?😔

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  4. I’m glad your mom is doing ok! I’m gonna pray for you and your family. You’re so brave. We really have to always make them feel that we love them and that they’re so important to us! Stay strong jazz! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  5. You are such a good writer! I am so glad you shared this story:) I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why didn’t your mum want you going to meet her? You don’t have to answer if you don’t wanna xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Really? Whoa thank you, I wasn’t expecting that! And of course I don’t mind🙂 I ended up asking her on Friday night, and she said she didn’t want me to see her on the floor, not able to move and crying in pain. I get that, but she allowed my younger brother (only by a year though!) go and not me? I need to ask her about that actually…🤔

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too🙂 You have? Then you relate to how horrible it is. I agree! The not knowing was one of the worst parts of it all.
      And the other worst part for me was that you expect to hear someone and you don’t, and instead someone else is
      suddenly giving you this bad news and all of a sudden your heart just sinks. Panic sets in and it’s crazy. I hope everything is OK with that happened with you and the subject of that phone call❤xx


      1. It is horrible, you can’t help but panic when it happens. I was at work and my mums friend called from her phone. I just remember her saying she’s lost a lot of blood and they were at hospital! It was horrible. She’s fine now though. 🙂 xxx

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      2. I know. Oh no, what happened with your mum sounds even more terrifying than what happened with mine! The words itself ‘she’s lost a lot of blood’ would have broke me down right there and then. But I’m SO glad your mum’s ok now, that’s awesome to hear💞

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so sorry you and your mom (and brother) had to go through that. Glad to know she’s doing sort of okay, hope she feels better soon. Hope you’re doing okay. If you want to talk or anything, you can email me! Take care xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s ok, what’s happened has happened! We just gotta focus on getting through🙂 Thank you so much you’re awesome for suggesting that❤And I will try to, as much as I can🙂


  7. OH MY GOD! I never expected you would talk about this when I first read the title. I’m so sorry about your mum, I’m glad she’s okay now! Omg you were so lucky nothing fatal happened. You’re so right, you never know when THE LAST TIME can be.
    I also don’t really argue with my parents because what if something happens to them and I wasted my last moments with them? I’ve been thinking about that for a while, not that we would argue all the time.
    I’m so so happy that your mum is okay, thank you for sharing that story. You’re a very strong person, I don’t know what I would’ve done.
    Great post! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I was extremely lucky! Anything could have have happened diffently that would have made it all fatal, I would know, I made up like dozens of things that could have happened while I was panicking! Yeah, it really took this experience to make me realise and understand how you never know when the last time can be. And it’s not like anyone believes that tomorrow could be the day or next week….it’s got to happen before you realise truly😔
      I never used to argue with my mum, it’s only been recently, from March really. It’s something I’d never thought I’d be doing, but….stuff happens I guess!
      I’m so happy she’s ok as well! Unbelievably happy😊 Thank you, but I’m in no way strong! It was difficult, but I just automatically went into action mode, it distracted me from thinking too hard.
      Thank you again💞💞

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  8. That must have been so horrible to go through. Well done for writing about this,you’re so brave. I hope you’re doing okay. Hope you’re Mum is feeling better soon too! Best Wishes!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah, it was. All the emotions and thoughts I had when it happened were horrible, I never truly calmed down until the end of Friday really. Thank you, she’s doing ok. Just getting by, just like me🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, it’s natural after going through something like that. No problem at all. Best Wishes to both of you and I hope that you are doing okay. Here if you need anything at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of course, that’s natural. No problem at all. Hope you’re doing okay now. Bet wishes to both of you. Here if you need anything at all. 🙂


  9. Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a scary experience!!! I’m sorry you had to go through all that fear, but at the same time, I’m glad it taught you that life is short and you never know when the last day is with your loved ones. ❤ ❤ Oh gosh, I got chills reading that, and I'm getting chills right now. I'm SO glad that your mom hadn't died, and I'll be thinking of you! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah it was😔 it’s ok, like you said it did teach me that life is short. I’m glad it gave you chills, not in a mean way, I just really wanted to portray the emotions I felt well and I think I kinda did that…not as well as I wanted to. Thank you, I’m glad she’s ok as well😊

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  10. Oh no,What an awful experience! I’m so glad that your mum is getting better! You are so right about making the most of the time that we have with our loved ones. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! I’m so sorry that you had to go through that and I think it’s amazing that you learnt something extremely valuable from it. Stay strong and if you need anything or just want to talk,please don’t hesitate to email me. 😊❤

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Ohmygod!!! Those few hours must have been terrifying, and they must have felt like years! AND HOW CAN THAT BUS DRIVER BE SO IGNORANT!!! I would sue him if I could, all the way from Australia!!! If I were ever on a bus trip like that I would be so fearful for my life (I’m kind of a paranoid person, and have even vowed never to ride a motor bike or push bike on the road because people are idiots!) And I hope you’re mum is getting better!! This made me realise I should appreciate my mum a lot more! Sending love and care you all the people who were on that bus (and specifically your mum)!! Also! Were the people crossing the road okay???

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, they really did😔 I have no clue! Honestly I’m still wondering that now! Haha thanks, that would be awesome😂 I know same, I think my mum wasn’t worried much because she was thinking that her stop’s next, so she didn’t worry, but I would have been freaking out! I absolutely hate crashes, you see them on TV shows, in the news, and they just freak me out.
      She is actually! She went back to work today since its the last week before her break, so she went but she’s gonna take it really easy. Thank you😊❤
      The people crossing the road were ok🙂, the bus driver was lucky he managed to break in time. Because if he did run them over, as well as hurting everyone in the bus by breaking hard, he wouldn’t be working still. He would have been fired and facing jail time

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here. And apparently his attitude after it happened was all wrong, he tried to drive and continue with his journey, shrugged and played down the situation, looking like he didn’t have any guilt while being interviewed by police, then my mum caught him laughing about it a few days after with another bus driver! Like what? He’s just a horrible person, I hope he realises his mistake one day


  12. Wow thats the first post I read from your blog (yes I feel really bad for that) and I’m so sorry what happened to you! Also I’m so glad your mum is ok now. I think nobody can competely understand how you must have felt in that Situation.. 😦 I still found it brave to write about this and hopefully it was a good Feeling telling someone about this all! You’re right with your advices, we should tell others more often that we apreciate them and things like that! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s ok! I’m glad you’ve found it now! It’s ok, she’s alright now and that’s all that matters! It could have been a whole lot worse. Yeah, that situation is scary, it really is how they portray it in films and TV shows. And even though they’re acting it out, they’ll still never know how it actually feels.
      It was good to share it on here! After all, that’s what my blog is about, sharing my life’s experiences, the good and the bad.
      I’m happy you agree with my advice, it’s so true🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it was horrible. But yeah, it’s a massive relief that it wasn’t anything really serious, I’m so thankful🙂 Ugh I know, I hope I never see him who knows what I’d say… (in my mind, because there’s no way on earth I’d be confident enough to actually confront him😂)

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  13. I remember feeling so terrified for you when you told me. I’m so glad everything was okay but that must have been a truly horrible experience. It’s made me think a lot and I’m going to start really, really appreciating my family because you really, really never know. I’m sorry – but you are strong and so is your brother, mother and all the people going through that. Thanks for sharing; I needed to read something like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was really horrible. And unreal. Even when I think back to it now, it’s almost like it didn’t happen, because it was just so crazy. All those emotions, the not knowing is the absolute worst of it. Not knowing if she’s going to be ok, how serious the injuries were. I hated it.
      I’m glad it’s make you think, my goal for this post was to make people think. Exactly, you really never know. Like one that day, it was just a normal evening after school, the usual. And then it happens.
      But thank you Elm, I’d hardly say I was strong! I was a wreck, crying like mad. Mainly because she’s all we got you know?
      Thank you for reading, and no problem🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But the thing is, you dealt with it in the only way you can and that’s why you’re strong. You really do never know and I find that absolutely terrifying. Thank you again for writing about this!

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Oh my gosh!! I hope that you guys can recover and grow ever so stronger as a family!! It’s amazing how mums never EVER rest when they should. I hope you and your brother and ok and also your mum 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Awwwww, I hope you and your family are ok, especially your mum! Please have a look at my account and give me some feedback because yours is so good and I am new to this so I want to know what I am doing right and wrong 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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