It’s Me Again…

This is the last post I’ll be posting on here….this time I actually mean it!! I just realised that I had something to tell you all and I completely forgot….

Making this quick little post to tell you that from Monday morning I will no longer be using this account. Therefore I won’t be able to reply to comments left on my posts on this blog, and I’ll officially no longer be active in the blogosphere as All The Jazz….I’ll officially be moving over to my new blog, and I’ll be liking/commenting on all your posts on my new account with my new blog! 
So yeah, just a little post to let you know from Monday morning I’ll no longer be using this account and blog and I’ll be using my new blog and account on its own. 

Thank you guys! 

And here’s the link to my new blog, just in case you haven’t followed it yet!


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