It’s Me Again…

This is the last post I'll be posting on here....this time I actually mean it!! I just realised that I had something to tell you all and I completely forgot.... Making this quick little post to tell you that from Monday morning I will no longer be using this account. Therefore I won't be able … Continue reading It’s Me Again…



My last post as All The Jazz guys!! This is crazy, I'm excited and scared at the same time!  Just made the blog now, it still needs quite a lot of tweaking!  So here is is, my brand new blogging home. The link's below...I hope it works. Thank you for being with me on … Continue reading NEW BLOG HAS BEEN MADE!!

A VERY Important Post…

Hi everyone, I thought I'd just get straight to the point.  For a long, long while now. I've had this funny feeling about my blog. I've never been satisfied, I've always wanted to change it because it didn't feel like ME. It's something I've been wrestling with for a long while now, and on Monday … Continue reading A VERY Important Post…


What’s On My Phone? | Summer 2017

Do I dare start a war in the comments section...? Yeah, I do. Samsung OR Apple guys, answer if you dare....*lame evil laugh* Hey guys! Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all well and happy! Here in the UK? We're all dying in this sudden heatwave, things went from 0 to 100 real quick over … Continue reading What’s On My Phone? | Summer 2017


All The Blog Stuff | All The Jazz Wrap-Up | An Introduction…

Ooooh, look! A new monthly feature!!  Hey, everyone! We're nearing the end of the month, and that's usually when I post my Monthly Wrap-Up BUTTT I decided to stop doing that, and do something else instead! Introducing.... All The Blog Stuff | A Monthly Wrap-Up!  This is going to contain everything blog related really, my … Continue reading All The Blog Stuff | All The Jazz Wrap-Up | An Introduction…


18/05/2017 – The Day My World Turned Upside Down

Quite a serious post guys, I didn't think I'd have to write anything like it... Hey everyone, welcome back 🙂 I had an experience recently, a horrible, scary experience that I wasn't in a million years expecting. I wanted to share that with you, and share what I've learnt from it. This isn't going to … Continue reading 18/05/2017 – The Day My World Turned Upside Down


US Schools VS UK Schools? | Collab With Madrigals and Sound!!

My first collab as All The Jazz....AHHHH! Hey, everyone! I hope you're excited (I certainly am) because today is the day I finally followed through and took part in a collab with another blogger! I've had this goal since January I think...I finally pulled through.  So I teamed up with Caitie from Madrigals and Sound, … Continue reading US Schools VS UK Schools? | Collab With Madrigals and Sound!!