It’s Me Again…

This is the last post I'll be posting on here....this time I actually mean it!! I just realised that I had something to tell you all and I completely forgot.... Making this quick little post to tell you that from Monday morning I will no longer be using this account. Therefore I won't be able … Continue reading It’s Me Again…



My last post as All The Jazz guys!! This is crazy, I'm excited and scared at the same time!  Just made the blog now, it still needs quite a lot of tweaking!  So here is is, my brand new blogging home. The link's below...I hope it works. Thank you for being with me on … Continue reading NEW BLOG HAS BEEN MADE!!

Life Begins At 16?

I mean, it's kinda true right? Hey everyone! This post is gonna be a rather chatty one. Well, most of my posts are quite chatty aren't they?  This post was inspired by something I tweeted, (my twitter will be linked at the bottom of this post...#NotAPromo #KindaAPromo #SorryNotSorry) that went along the lines of: I … Continue reading Life Begins At 16?

An Abundance of My Feelings and Emotions

I originally wasn't gonna post this, but here it is.... Hi everyone, I'm back writing as All The Jazz for you all.  Lately I've been having a pretty rough time with friends, family, and myself so I decided to make a post about it.  When you have a medical issue, it's very hard to find … Continue reading An Abundance of My Feelings and Emotions

My Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2017

March went by SOOO quick! It's like I blinked and 'poof' it's the end of March. Hiya readers, happy end of March, and I'm back with another Monthly Wrap-Up! As writing this (on Sunday) my eyes are still so sore from crying. Had some stress regarding the kitten I'm getting. My Mum just decided to … Continue reading My Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2017

Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately

Ahhh music, it's pretty much everyone's best friend. Heyyy peoples, I hope you're having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! Actually...I'd love to know where about you guys are from! You obviously don't have to go into details, I'd just love to know the places my readers are from. So, please let me know below … Continue reading Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately