Life Begins At 16?

I mean, it's kinda true right? Hey everyone! This post is gonna be a rather chatty one. Well, most of my posts are quite chatty aren't they?  This post was inspired by something I tweeted, (my twitter will be linked at the bottom of this post...#NotAPromo #KindaAPromo #SorryNotSorry) that went along the lines of: I … Continue reading Life Begins At 16?


Life Update | Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing?

I'm here, still alive! Call off those search parties! Then again it hasn't been that long, I haven't posted in just over a week but it feels so much longer than that! Hello everyone! Happy April! How's everyone been doing? It feels like it's been so long since I've posted, mainly because the last two … Continue reading Life Update | Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing?

A Mix Of Thoughts and Updates

It's Saturday, I'm bored, and I own a blog. Add all this stuff together and you get a random blog post!  Hey peoples, this is gonna be quite random, so if you enjoy random update-like posts from bloggers, you've come to the right place! So, where do I start... Photography? That's right, photography. Photography and … Continue reading A Mix Of Thoughts and Updates