What’s On My Phone? | Summer 2017

Do I dare start a war in the comments section...? Yeah, I do. Samsung OR Apple guys, answer if you dare....*lame evil laugh* Hey guys! Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all well and happy! Here in the UK? We're all dying in this sudden heatwave, things went from 0 to 100 real quick over … Continue reading What’s On My Phone? | Summer 2017

Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately #2

That moment when your realise there's a cut in your earphones' wire, and it could snap at any moment...*cries*. Hi everyone! Welcome to another post written by yours truly.  I'd noticed you all seemed to really like when I wrote a post like this a few months back, so I decided to bring it back! … Continue reading Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately #2

13 Reasons Why | My Thoughts and Theories?!

I just HAD to make a post about this show. HAD TO! Spoilers ahead...duh.  Hey readers, I'm back finally with a post that isn't about me and my life. But I guess if I'm not happy I'm not going to make happy content, so after I posted my last post, I took a few days … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why | My Thoughts and Theories?!

My MBTI Test Results?!

I was curious, so I decided to do this test and write a post about it. My thoughts were literally: 'Why not?'  Hey readers! I was pretty bored today, so I decided to take one of those personality tests (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator more specifically) that have specific questions that were specially made to find … Continue reading My MBTI Test Results?!

Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately

Ahhh music, it's pretty much everyone's best friend. Heyyy peoples, I hope you're having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! Actually...I'd love to know where about you guys are from! You obviously don't have to go into details, I'd just love to know the places my readers are from. So, please let me know below … Continue reading Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately

Types of Teachers at My School

Guess who's back, back, back. Back again, again, again.  Hey everyone! First of all I'm soooo sorry I've been away for this long! I've just had a really rough few weeks, I might write about it, but I'm still deciding. But I'm back now, that's all that matters!  I completely had no idea what to … Continue reading Types of Teachers at My School