Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately

Ahhh music, it's pretty much everyone's best friend. Heyyy peoples, I hope you're having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! Actually...I'd love to know where about you guys are from! You obviously don't have to go into details, I'd just love to know the places my readers are from. So, please let me know below … Continue reading Songs I’ve Been Loving Lately


Types of Teachers at My School

Guess who's back, back, back. Back again, again, again.  Hey everyone! First of all I'm soooo sorry I've been away for this long! I've just had a really rough few weeks, I might write about it, but I'm still deciding. But I'm back now, that's all that matters!  I completely had no idea what to … Continue reading Types of Teachers at My School

09/03/2017 – A Day Full Of Universities and Powerpoints!

Oh my gosh guys, I finally succeeded at something!! This should be all over the news! Heyy guys! I'm super excited just in case you couldn't tell! I was meant to be finishing up a post I started writing yesterday, but I'm so pumped about how my day went and I really wanted to write about … Continue reading 09/03/2017 – A Day Full Of Universities and Powerpoints!

Book Review – All The Bright Places

'You are all the colours in one, at full brightness.' Hello everyone, and I'm back writing on All The Jazz for you all. I decided to write a book review of All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven because I finally decided to read it this week and, whoa, it was amazing! So, here's my … Continue reading Book Review – All The Bright Places

My Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2017

Hello everyone, happy end of February, and welcome back to All The Jazz. I'm spending today dressed in all black because I'm mourning the death of my happiness! No joke. Why you may ask? Because I'm going back to school tomorrow, and I'm seriously dreading it. 99% chance I'll have a breakdown later.   Anyway, … Continue reading My Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2017

Oh, you know, Friendship Stuff.

Keep those amazing friends close, trust me you don't want to lose them.  Hello wonderful people, and I'm back writing on All The Jazz for you all. I'm writing about a pretty recent event that opened my eyes to a few things about myself and some of my friends. It was pretty eye opening, so … Continue reading Oh, you know, Friendship Stuff.

The Time I Was In A Musical

Being bored out of my mind is the perfect time to write a blog post right? Hey guys, I'm back today with a random account of the months I spent in 2015 taking part in my school's musical. I felt like talking to you all about a past experience in my life and the good … Continue reading The Time I Was In A Musical